Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

January 21 - February 19  |  The water bearer  |  SATURN & uranus

Welcome to spring, Aquarius!  The first two weeks of the month show that you are overcoming some things that might be difficult to name, identify, or fully comprehend, yet it also looks like you are trying to figure it out.  Probably the best thing you can do for yourself this month is to surround yourself with friends and to be mentally active with others.  This is very important, Aquarius!  You will see just how fast things will want to move, but there also may be some internal upsets or things which cause regulating your inner world to take more of a priority.  We are halfway between the eclipse periods we had from January and what we will have in July.  Reaching this halfway point often presents important shifts and turning points relative to these eclipse themes.  What you are being called to do over 2019 is to find more nurturing and personal satisfaction in your daily life and work.  You will have the opportunity to recognize blind spots that keep you too rigid or fearful of making change and playing it safe.  Deep, deep down, you are experiencing change and it may come through your family and home life, which can also have an impact on your work and daily life.  It might be time in April to look closely at what you really want, and to be in communication with others- bounce ideas of those whose opinions you value and who can offer you the space to come into it on your own.  You will be plenty busy in April, and it may run your nervous system down, so keep tuned in to your body! 

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