Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

January 21 - February 19  |  The water bearer  |  SATURN & uranus

Aquarius, the Sun moves through Gemini until 21 June when it enters Cancer at the Winter solstice, the longest day of the year.  It is important to remember that you are moving more into the opposite time of your year, when the life force in nature is technically antithetical to yours.  However, that oppositional energy has not yet reached its peak and in June actually predisposes you to more fun and lighthearted interactions, flings, and situations.  The opening energy of June does lean to more activity and the welcoming of change, especially in your near environment.  A main theme that seems to be apparent in June for you regards the trajectory of your daily work.  Something here is up for review and assessment.  This is a theme that has been coloring the background of your life, and slowly coalescing in your mind to be something more defined.  This gets highlighted in June, but you are also encouraged to have fun and play a little bit.  There is a strong energy you have in June that might make you think just about anything is possible.  This is a great place to start.  You have just come out of May being more introspective and maybe planted yourself in one place; the energy stood still then.  Now in June, things pick up quite a bit where you start to see pathways that you didn’t see before, or know were available.  The key thing in June is to play- play the game, play with what is possible, keep an open mind.  The challenges come 14-19 June with Mercury and Mars as they oppose Saturn and Pluto around the full Moon on 17 June.  This puts the focus on work, your health, your daily life, but also the communities and people you are around.  You are really thinking about this and your higher ideals or aspirations in an important way in these days.  It may be that something has to be let go of in order for things to change.  It is not always easy to let new things in that from a distance appear very permanent or fixed in place, but these days are asking for a shift, a change of direction, for things to flow and move.  Keep that light heart in June, as we get closer to July you will see how this is preparing you for important changes to establish in your daily life.     

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