Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

January 21 - February 19  |  The water bearer  |  SATURN & uranus

Aquarius, in August you reached the halfway point of your year which grew in depth last month, and expands this month.  Mars and Venus, the divine lovers, pull you deep this month.  A new level of intimacy may be ignited between you and a partner.  In addition, there could be intermittent fascination with finances and professional relationships throughout the month.  Overall, however, you will see your life centered around social inspiration.  You may get excited by the possibilities of ideal visions, especially if they are brought to you from others.  The need is to evaluate how you are directing yourself in the world now.  How does everything weigh out?  Single water-bearers may find themselves in relationships whose experiences seek to open the mind and ask for objectivity.  You could get good ideas from friends and people around you who will support you.  Ultimately you’re looking for sovereignty but also connection and harmony.  Perhaps it is time to look a little deeper at friendships and relationships of love and business. It's also likely you are getting itchy feet and want to get out of town for a change of scenery, and it would be an excellent time for you to do that.  This will help give you perspective and the distance you need to eventually return with a grounded and highly logical evaluation.  Remember that you are in a transition stage this month as you prepare to begin a new season next month, one which will culminate your radiance in a professional capacity.  For now, explore and dream, communicate and create space, feel and allow things to flow.  Be open to the distant horizon!

Your animal guides this month are:

  • Tiger:  You’re being called upon to provide leadership, so trust that you’re capable of doing so
  • Weasel: Be silent, pay attention, and simply observe with your eyes, ears, and feelings what is happening inside and all around you
  • Peacock:  Let yourself stand out and be noticed

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