Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

January 21 - February 19  |  The water bearer  |  SATURN

Aquarius, the Sun moves through Libra and your ninth house in October. In general, this would be a time for traveling to foreign places and contact with foreign cultures and people. You might find yourself more inclined to expand your thinking and explore the world philosophically. Another possibility is encountering a potential partner by foreign travels, or a partner who is of a foreign nation and culture. The first quarter Moon in Aries is in your third house on 5 October and foresees the coming challenge between the Sun and Saturn two days later. You might encounter some limitations, challenges, or even losses near this time, but it is not insurmountable and while possibly challenging, you will prevail with a reminder of what good is coming out of this time. You are met with generosity from friends and like-minds shortly before a possibly raucous full Moon in Aries on 13 October. That would be an excellent time to have a positive and lively gathering of friends and acquaintances. Open up to others at this time and see how expansion can be helpful and even healing. The final quarter Moon in Cancer on the 21 predates the accident-prone alignment of Mars and Saturn on the 27. Both of these dates should be met with more caution, especially during day-light hours. Your health is more susceptible to decline around the final quarter Moon, so being watchful of how much you are doing can prevent you from overdoing it. Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween so the week or ten days leading up to it you might notice a sense of increasing importance and focus on your actions in the world. This is not a beneficial time for making major career changes or to take huge risks. These things can bring on instability you would probably prefer not to have in your life. By Halloween the Sun will have changed signs into Scorpio and will bring on a focus to your role and position in your community. This is a time to get creative about this part of your life. For most of October the theme is around developing a closer relationship with the divine and opening up your vision to what is around you, to letting in love, even if it brings up old pain or old fear.

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