Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

January 21 - February 19  |  The water bearer  |  SATURN & uranus

Aquarius, when the Sun moves through Leo it revitalizes your energies in a new way for the second half of your year, starting this month. It’s like you are stepping onto the next stage of the playing field, leveling up a little bit. The direction for you is up and out this month. The Sun, a healing and illuminating force, brings that essence to you through the theme of partnership this month. The new Moon on 31 July coincides with Mercury stationing direct. These two events are like a much-needed shift in the energy from July, and do it through a pause. But this pause on life also includes a sense of being able to more clearly outline what is coming up, or at least what needs to be done is made clearer. With Venus in Leo as well, there is some serious magnetic attraction and charm happening through a partnership and it probably feels more compelling for you to come together with someone else. The entire month, Venus and the Sun will be activating each other and this, for you, is signaling an important shift in the way you go about your relationships. It seems like over the next 10 months one of the themes in the background will be about authentically connecting with another person, and connecting with others who are authentic themselves. Basically, you want the real deal! And that is coming, Aquarius, but it may come in a way you are not expecting. So be open to what it means for *you* to have authenticity in your relationships. The first quarter Moon on the 7 of August heightens the authenticity theme and shows you may have to make an important decision, a decision that other people see, a decision involving others. It may mean you have to end something or clean something up. It is not a terrible thing altogether even though there may be discomfort, because there is also opening and a way to look beyond it so that you don’t get caught up in the details. The Moon waxes until her fullness on the 15 of the month. This full Moon comes to your sign, and puts a spotlight on you! It can bring to light something you have been quiet about, something you did not realize was important to express, or may just bring some feelings of boredom or uncertainty. These things are worth exploring, so be courageous with others and reflect on what is happening around you at this time and how it relates to who you are individually. After the full Moon the heat of August begins to cool as Mars, Venus, and the Sun enter Virgo from the 18-23. Finances now become the focus. The third quarter Moon in Gemini takes place right as the Sun enters Virgo on the 23 and shows some releasing of what may have been built up in your heart or even in your head. This precedes the Venus-Mars conjunction which puts a real charge to sexual chemistry. With the waning Moon, be aware that though a relationship could begin now, it may end up losing more vitality than gaining. The new Moon in Virgo on 30 August brings some refreshing cool energy to the heat of July and August. At this time, life might quiet down a little bit for you, where you might turn more inward and feel deeper things with more presence. You should heed the planet’s warning to not get too lofty with your ideas about what can happen over the coming weeks moving into September, because September will bring its own reality check that will have to do with your finances and possibly work relationships, so be on the slightly conservative side this month before jumping into any big new ventures blindly.    

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