Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 21 - April 20  |  The ram  |  MARS

Aries, in October you have surpassed the sixth house phase which many have dreaded. It seems that September was not as bad as you might have expected, however, with a big focus and eye on work. It might seem like there is a weight on your shoulders right now, and it has probably been feeling this way for many months, even since 2018. But coming into the last parts of this year shows that the planets have a little bit of an upper hand to that heavy weight that might seem like a burden. While that weight is still there, it does not bear itself down on you like it might have at the beginning of this year. The focus this month comes to relationships and the worth and importance of different pieces or aspects of things based on how they relate to one another. It may be that you are looking closely now at issues of harmony and coming together with others and as the second half of September brought work relationships into the picture, the first half of October will continue that. You might also see how the first half of the month makes something more concrete regarding these topics. A challenging situation, a conflict, can lead to bending and focusing on how to come together instead of hold onto division. You might observe this, or help mediate. A very important general note about October is that it is the time of year opposite to the time of your birthday. There is a Full Moon in your sign on 13 October. This time should not be underestimated and it would be wise to be watching your energy levels, as this time will be more demanding of them as you may be required to confront some things within your relationships. Sometimes relationships can be very challenging to our existing ways of being, and sometimes it calls for a change.  

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