Aries Monthly Horoscope

March 21 - April 20  |  The ram  |  MARS

Aries, August is a change from July’s slow, deep churning of change to a faster, brighter, and clearer impulse of movement. It seems to be that the main context of the month is around love and self-expression! The beginning of the month might start out with a feeling of being a bit shaky or nervous especially if you are still focusing on some deeply personal processes or trains of thought that were prominent in July, especially the second half of the month. These should now start to come more into the light of clarity even if it’s seen as ambiguous, there is an awareness now of something that was subterranean, lacking more acute awareness. This shakiness or nervousness at the beginning of August could also have to do with excitement or action regarding speculation, gambling, and risks of different kinds. The excitement is meant not as something necessarily good or bad, but an energetic arousal that is personally significant or moving in some way. The 7 of August brings the first quarter Moon in Scorpio while the Sun and Venus are configured to Jupiter. This is potentially a very fruitful turning point, or else quite dramatic emotionally. An important piece at this time is letting go and accepting a “death” of something. There could be a lack of acceptance for things pending or hanging in the air. There is buoyant support for spirited expression, and mental connections can be made that are very important. This is also a beneficial time for travel and contacting foreigners. The full Moon on 15 August rings a similar bell that the context surrounding the first quarter Moon did on the 7. This time, there is something ending with colleagues and the groups of people you associate with on a more professional level. There could be some kind of competition here, or an announcement regarding one’s true feelings about the conditions of professional environment(s) or structure(s). There is also a streak of frustration that can lead to a push for ideals and principles of what one truly wishes and envisions for oneself. While this is happening, an important shift is currently underway that may not be noticed for another week or two, but is the felt sense of a beginning of growth and maturation processes of the heart and self-expression. The end of the month cools down significantly and seemingly over the course of only a few days. As things cool down, the third quarter Moon in the first degree of Gemini can open up communication that though was not intended to be anything more than casual, can actually lead to a sense of connection through conversation and letting the mind unravel and explore freely. The new Moon in Virgo on the 30 brings much needed grounding of the hearts that have been on fire in August, and can bring something new regarding work, routine, pets, and health.  

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