Uranus in Aries and Taurus: 2010-2025

Uranus in Aries and Taurus: 2010-2025
by Sam Ogden

Uranus was discovered in 1781 and received its name by a consensus of astronomers on the basis that the existing planets have names according to Greek myth and so they decided to be consistent by naming the next planet further from Saturn as Uranus (Ouranos), who was the father of Saturn in myth. Several astrologers have written and spoken of the discrepancy between the myth of the sky god Ouranos and what in life has been observed as corresponding with the planet Uranus. It has been said, and this I find true as well, that the story of Ouranos has very little resemblance with the particular phenomena corresponding to the transits of Uranus.

In Myth and in Practice
Ouranos in myth is known as Father Sky or Father Heaven in the Greek creation story. He was one of the first creatures born into existence, with the source of his conception varying depending on the myth source. As the story goes, the wife-mother of Ouranos, Gaia, was the mother of their children: most of the Greek pantheon of gods. These children had brought disrespect to Father Sky so to punish them, he sent them to Tartarus, the pits of the earth. Gaia, Mother Earth, resented this and called upon help from her children, which she received only from her son Cronus (Saturn in Roman myth) who envied his father’s power. Gaia brought forth a sickle for Cronus and with this he castrated Ouranos so no more could he reproduce monsters upon the earth- he lost his creative power. Cronus and his sister-wife Rhea became honorable king and queen and from this a golden age, a cornucopia.

This story does not fit at all with what astrologers have observed with the planet Uranus since its discovery. What myth that does fit is the story of Prometheus, whose name translates to “foresight”. He was the seer, the visionary, looking to the future, while his brother Epimetheus was accountant, historian, and logician looking to the past. Prometheus and his brother were both Titans who fought with the Greek gods. Prometheus and Epimetheus were given tasks for the first life on earth. Epimetheus gave qualities to animals while Prometheus shaped the first human beings out of the earth itself. These human beings were unequipped for the elements and Zeus, king of the pantheon, required them to rely upon the gods. Prometheus, with his boundless vision, saw greater things for the humans. Zeus wanted to know how sacrifices would be made for the gods so Prometheus presented Zeus with two vessels, one with the sumptuous meat of a calf hidden under the undesirable belly, and the other with a pile of bones under fat. Zeus of course picked the bowl with the fat and angered by being fooled by Prometheus, forbid the humans any use of fire. Prometheus then climbed Mount Olympus to steal fire and brought it to the humans so they may flourish. As punishment, Zeus had Prometheus shackled to a mountainside, visited daily by a vulture who would eat his liver which would grow back again every night. Even in torture Prometheus stuck to his principles, his decision to liberate the people from their limits set by a greater authority. So, we learn with this story that Prometheus is unconcerned with repercussions from negative authorities and that in the face of oppression or tyranny he is the passion of unquestionable justice for or within a people. Prometheus brings to people a substance which will advance their relationship with the natural world and evolve the consciousness of each individual. It transforms the existing structure of tradition and ignites a new kind of power in each individual and in the collective whole. It brings illumination to the mind which now realizes greater realities. This story much more accurately reflects what has been observed with Uranus transits before and after its discovery. For this article, Uranus should be read as representing Promethean impulses and dramas.

A Cyclic Perspective through Aries and Taurus
The next area of discussion needs to be on the specific zodiacal significance as it relates to Uranus’s transit from 2010 – 2018 and 2018 – 2025. These periods of about seven or eight years has Uranus transiting through Aries and Taurus in the tropical zodiac. From 2010 – 2018 Uranus transited through tropical Aries, the sign beginning the zodiacal cycle and preceding that of Taurus. The importance of “cycle” needs to be emphasized here. What is plausible when Uranus moves through Taurus cannot be speculated upon unless a sincere observation is made on the previous transit of Uranus in Aries. This is because of the phenomena of cycle, where thematic or archetypal phases condition the evolutions of their subsequent ones. We see Aries as one of two starting points in the zodiac system, Capricorn being the other. If Aries is the beginning, out of what is it beginning and where is it going? This is the cyclical question we need to ask in astrology and in ourselves. We must remember the relativity of reality if we are to gain a deeper experience of these archetypal images within a cyclical approach.

The vitality that surges through Aries is dependent upon the assimilation process of the Pisces phase that took place just before. Pisces is the final phase where the crumbling and decomposing of an entire cycle must be met with faith and acceptance. Aries emerges out of a storm of inchoate material and must move, must charge, must conquer. There is no time to look back over the hills laden with storm clouds of the past. It is time to move forward. It has been grossly overstated that Aries is the “sign of the individual”. Many say this but few understand. It may be more accurate to say that Aries is the sign of the impulse which may eventually give rise to individualism, because in Aries that sense of individualism is not yet set. As yet it has no significant root to substantiate itself against the torrents of vernal rains and winds. Aries is but a sprout in the cold, moist decay of ancient pasts, pasts that sometimes behave as a living umbilical cord drawing one back into uroboric stasis. But if the assimilation of the mother’s blood is successful, an undeniable birth takes place in Aries at the vernal equinox when the days now overpower the nights. Having won himself over the weight of his past, Aries is impetuous and unconcerned with the results of his actions. He is boundless just as Prometheus is unconcerned with consequences. The difference here is that Aries by itself as an archetype is not thinking on any developed value system like Prometheus is. Aries is only concerned with unlimited range of motion and the pure vividness that surges through him in any moment he can will himself into being: Aries is about coming into being. Not only this, in Aries are felt new excitements too big to be contained. Or rather, one has no established sense of form of oneself so as to feel as though one can effectively contain the spring-time energy coursing through the blood.

The images found in the combination of Uranus and Aries are historically relevant when looking at a series of events over the globe when Uranus was transiting through Aries from 2010 – 2018. Among many, many planetary alignments and moments that would be impossible to dissect in this eight year period, Uranus’s transit through Aries stands out particularly as unfocused passion erupting in individuals, often youth, who are so energized they become reckless with no sense of how to direct this impulse which we can aptly describe as Promethean. This impulse can be described as Promethean because the deep dissatisfactions and bursts of aggression and violence we see today are so often tied up with social and humanitarian issues. It is important to note that Aries is a deep impulse animating through the remains of a previous cycle. It is a rather unfocused energy with no steering wheel, like Prometheus. We see Uranus in Aries alive and well in the Occupy movement that began in 2011. It is interesting to consider corporations and politicians as Zeus who demands subservience from the people. The intolerance to injustice is clear in the Occupy movement, which might as well be nicknamed the Prometheus movement. In this particular case, the protests are often fraying at the edges and though undeniable, they are Aries-like in their lack of focus. Prometheus has come down from Mount Olympus and placed fire in the hearts of the people who are now stirred and illuminated. The connections to the internet and global awareness are obvious with the Occupy movement also. There have been an overwhelming amount of riots and protests from 2010-2018 resulting in large numbers of deaths and a frightening police state. The Black Lives Matter movement and women’s marches are also emblematic of the Promethean drama. In Aries there is no thought of diplomacy, listening, negotiating, or compromising. Those are all qualities of the opposite sign Libra, which during this time was the furthest place from Uranus and in reality, the shadow of the Uranian placement during those years.

If we proceed with a cyclical approach to the zodiac and the planetary transits through it, the next point of discussion is about what this next Promethean era will bring. What will be the Promethean drama of 2018 – 2025? There can be no certain answer as yet, but looking into the sign of Taurus as well as having a general sense of prominent global trends and issues of this time can give a hint as to what may be expected. First, it should be noted that Uranus is not placed well in Taurus. In other words, this can be a real difficult place for Uranus. Remember that Prometheus is not phased by limits, laws, or hierarchy in the face of injustice. Now, Taurus is not necessarily about laws or hierarchy, but it is about limits. Taurus arrests the Aries desire for pure activity and makes the activity contextually functional and valuable within a larger whole. This is very important to remember because it is where we may see Prometheus providing aid and liberation in the coming years. But it can also show a very real detriment to unfocused action. Taurus is the effulgence of spring time and the mating season, a time of flowers and bees and blooming leaves. We may see Prometheus trying to liberate humanity through the very raw and basic resources on this planet, which may also be the main issue of the drama. Taurus is about the tangible materials that can be made into something useful and purposeful, like the way water can be used to generate electricity or solar panels or wind turbines for the same effect. These are technologies that are born directly of the earth itself. The best way Prometheus will show up is in innovations in management and use of natural resources that do not lead to a depleting of the earth but rather to a regenerative relationship with her. This is the Taurean future envisioned by Prometheus himself. However, the blood passions from the Aries era of 2010 – 2018 have served as a vital beginning for what will soon be arrested and in some way limited or focused on form. Uranus may seek to liberate us from traditional use of money and finances, instituting new forms of currency and financial resource management within the context of a corporation or network of corporations. The forms of these things may be digital with a minimalist aesthetic so as to ensure reliable function.

We can also see that it is clear the trend of news items is increasingly focused on climate and will soon bring a regional or even global focus to the surprises of local weather changes. I see that this will be the main focus through which we see Prometheus acting. While the climate continues to rage on in its own protest and march against industrial humanity, humanity will need to respond functionally as Taurus does. And in Promethean fashion, there will likely be some recurring torture in this vein- hurricanes, clean water access, the oil industry, pollination from bees for food access, deforestation, etc. These are all issues which are likely going to be undeniably at the forefront of humanity’s consciousness in the next seven years and will require a reversal of action from those in power, or a focused and functional storm of individuals who care not what their oppressors could demand in consequence.

At the personal level, this transformative Promethean impulse may correspond with a social trend of opening of hearts of individuals and bring to light taken-for-granted traditions, standards, and stereotypes in relationships. The sheer power invigorated into individuals in the Aries era should now begin to be used in some way, and some may find solace in groups and movements for validating self-worth, for pooling together resources out of choice or because of real necessity. The “gods” may demand more taxes, more regulations, and restrict whatever makes a life enjoyable and pleasing. Taurus is a sign of earth power and Prometheus is the visionary one who acts on behalf of the people.

It is important to remember that this is part of a cycle, and that the fertile soil in which Prometheus plants himself will soon give rise to the Gemini need for connectivity and development of relations beyond blood unity. Humanity may not be swift enough to make serious functional changes in resource use and misuse, and it may not be until Uranus is in airy Gemini who may bring a rapid development of bio-technology that ranges from being ethically questionable to definitively genius.