Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 22 - July 22  |  THE Crab  |  Moon

Cancer, there is a lightening of the atmosphere that will probably be a bit of a relief from July for you. The pressure alleviates a little and the focus shifts away from you directly. Now, an important theme you will see in August is money! This theme really begins towards the end of July and gets more serious in the first week of August. On 7 August the first quarter Moon is in Scorpio, an unfortunate circumstance for your planetary ruler. The Moon is at odds with the Sun who is in his dignity. There is some action you may feel compelled to take which will bring an ending to something regarding your heart strings. But, there is also a benefit happening at the same time with your work that has to do with feelings of respect and acknowledgment for the help and service you may be providing or are able to provide. Something can open up here while something ends, and it requires you to stand on your own two feet. In one regard your values can lead you to an emotionally challenging situation while other values you hold can benefit the outlook of your daily life and work. The harmony that arises can come at a pace that feels faster than what you may be comfortable with, but nonetheless welcomed with open arms. As the full Moon approached on the 15, again there is a tone that rings similarly to the one that chimed at the first quarter Moon. This time going deeper with someone may be challenging or leaving things still feeling incomplete or not quite fully fleshed out. The ending here has to do with finances, debts owed, and money that two people can put together in order to obtain something. This can be a time of financial things pending even though a deadline may be in place. But it does not look all that bad, as the Sun is configured with Venus which can seriously mitigate difficulties getting out of hand. The challenges may still be there, but there is also something quite auspicious here that can be seen or looked at in terms of your own personal financial situation. This idle or pending situation regarding finances with another is something you are looking directly at right now, and something which, from your stance, is putting the emphasis on your own financial situation. After the full Moon there is a cooling down period over the second half of the month and from the 18-23 much of it happens rather swiftly. There are still thoughts on finances as things begin to distribute and perhaps organize. On the 23 the Sun enters Virgo bringing in a focus on communication, messages, writing, and perhaps sibling relationships. This is the time of the third quarter Moon as well, which calls on Mercury in an important way. You may find yourself thinking quite a bit about money again, perhaps communication about disseminating or distributing funds where necessary as a preparation for a new beginning that is coming in the next week or so. This new beginning symbolically arrives with the new Moon in Virgo on 30 August, the day after Mercury enters the same sign. This cools things down considerably. In other words, things slow down and may take longer to warm up. But you are entering a period that will bring a focus to your immediate environment, short trips and travels. More messages and communications will be in order, more mental activity and exchange. This new Moon signifies a new beginning here, maybe even in education or with the relationship to a sibling.    


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