Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 22 - July 22  |  THE Crab  |  Moon

Cancer, we reach a hallmark phase in your yearly cycle.  But before delving into this, it is important to touch on last month.  September brought about expansion with also a need for a change of pace.  You may be in the process of embodying principles and getting some joie de vivre because of what they offer, perhaps in regards to freedom or breathing room.  But you are also learning and seeing where you cannot advance or expand.  Last month sought to open your mind to what has begun since your most recent birthday.  At some point, you can expand no more and must stop.  That is where you are in October.  It is time to slow down as Life needs you to process and integrate the many factors which create change.  You are becoming aware of these influences and potential chances which help to sustain you or which can no longer be considered because you had already opened up so much last month.  You see, Life will give you what you need.  It can compel you to stay at home and brainstorm for the future or about real estate matters.  It can compel you to contact family members, to occupy an orientation or position which calls on your fundamental nature.  You may reflect on the past or wonder why things have slowed down. It's no doubt you will feel the power October energizes in your horoscope, even if it is in the often overlooked “mundane” moments of engaging with what we can touch and see in the immediate environment.  This is a time best used for inverting your energies- turn within this month, Cancer.   While you may be dealing with foundational decisions influencing your home life, professional activities, and social relationships, it is not yet time to feel totally certain.  Allow into you mystery and ambiguity.  Listen to your soul!

This month your animal guides are:

  • Polar Bear:  Stand up for yourself and speak your truth respectfully and compassionately with no attachment to outcome
  • Condor:  You’re too enmeshed in this situation so step back and see the bigger picture before making any decisions or taking action
  • Rattlesnake: The experiences that you’re presently going through are an initiation into fulfilling your purpose as a healer


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