Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 22 - July 22  |  THE Crab  |  Moon

Cancer, June is about relaxing and recharging before a major ka-boom comes in July: the eclipses.  You are getting some foreshadowing this month with Mercury, Mars, and the north node in your sign.  The Sun and Venus are in Gemini together while Jupiter is in the opposite, Sagittarius.  Saturn and Pluto oppose the Mercury-Mars-north node.  It will be important this month to make sure you are taking care of yourself, which means checking in every day and more importantly taking things slowly, as they come, and responding to things the way you are, not based on what they need.  You will want to be quieter this month and there are some issues to be brought up with someone you care very much about.  The things to bring up may be subtly felt or can bring strange thoughts that take you down a winding road so far from reality yet you may believe it is real before there is any confirmation.  You may feel there is missing information and that it calls for some communication.  This comes from the oppositions across your ascendant-descendant axis, with Mercury and Mars in your first house in Cancer and Saturn and Pluto in your seventh house of marriage in Capricorn.  You will need some time to sort through things, and having other minds to bounce things off will help, but can also become a detriment if you have too many opinions and views that all it does is leave you without getting anywhere in terms of having a firm position on the issues at hand.  You may choose to keep yourself in the dark this month, and there is nothing wrong with that except for the fact that there are important things you may be avoiding.  Your work will take importance by the first quarter moon on the 10 and again at the full Moon on the 17.  Take your time this month, go slow, and be brave- confront your fears and create a space where people can feel safe being vulnerable.    


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