Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 22 - July 22  |  THE Crab  |  Moon

Happy new year, Cancer!  You should notice that April brings a turning point for you.  In fact, it will take you to the height of your year that began at your birthday.  Anytime you move through Spring you are coming to the high point of your solar year.  What is significant for you in April is your relationships, which have been a realm of transformation for you for over a decade now.  In April you are going to probably feel an inner sense of restlessness which you feel needs to be channeled through your life path.  April is a great time for establishing some principles.  You may want to initiate a new venture and being in the spotlight from the view of your superiors and others in public life, you are in a beneficial standing to do so.  New ventures that begin now can bear fruit in May.  So April may represent the raw spark that ignites something- a chemical reaction that signifies something beginning.  But it may not be until May that you start to see more substantial results.  The 15-18 present a series of days that you may find a bit hectic in terms of where to put your feelings.  You are feeling inspired and may be dreaming of a vision or a distant place or time, but something happens during these days, perhaps a subtle internal shift or mental recognition, which might draw up something that was before unclear, muddied, or unfinished.  You must go deep within yourself at the full Moon on the 19, Cancer, and source your personal values and standards.  As soon as the next day comes, you are going to notice a shift in movement from your external world that reflects the standards you have established or are currently establishing for yourself.  It is time to charge forward in the world!  


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