Cancer Monthly Horoscope

June 22 - July 22  |  THE Crab  |  Moon

Cancer, relationships become a highlighted theme in October, but the main focus is about home and family. Since July, you started on a new yearly cycle. Now, October brings a moment where you might re-assess where it is you are headed. The tides shift for you in October, and it brings up themes dealing with home, family, roots, and living environment. You are crossing a somewhat turbulent path regarding this area and it might feel important to take care of some important things regarding your living situation or family in order to move forward. Your planetary ruler, Venus, is at home in her own sign until 8 October when she moves into Scorpio. Overall, there is a strong emphasis on home and relationships. Mercury will be retrograding in November and we will see the effects of it begin at the end of October. For you, this comes down to the areas of romance and what brings you joy. You might notice as October carries on that romance and joy will be things starting to increase in the focus of your life as perhaps issues or things to clean up or address. This month should be used to go deeper into your own values and perspectives on relationships. It might be helpful to look more deeply into the way your values have developed, why they are important to you, and to get grounded in them. This month is a lot about centering and getting into the heart of the matter.    


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