Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 23 - January 20  |  THE Sea Goat  |  saturn

Capricorn, July marked the turning point of entering into the second half of your year, which also happened to have eclipses and a Mercury retrograde taking place. This certainly would have shaken things up for you, and meant a new stage you’re now standing on. In August, there is now great emphasis on financial matters. This can also be seen as an “idle” time- a time of waiting, sitting, etc. The Leo new Moon on 31 July comes with Mercury making its direct station. This signals a distinct moving on from July’s intensity and heaviness and into a lighter and faster pace of things. The beginning of August shows that you might now be moving forward with a stronger sense of certainty. The first quarter Moon in Scorpio on 7 August is not so fortunate, however the Sun and Venus make helpful angles to the benefic Jupiter. This is not a bad time to slow down a little bit and get into why you are doing what you are doing these days. On the one hand you are action-oriented but perhaps in order to start bringing something to an end, while on the other hand you receive inspiration and even protection while doing so. Mercury changes signs on the 11 while Jupiter goes direct on the 12, and the Venus-Sun conjunction perfects on the 14 just before the full Moon on the 15. This is a very active period of planetary movements, and is turned up a notch because the Moon is waxing. The full Moon can really draw out real matters that need handling and care. This full Moon will likely have to do with finances again, bringing that theme to some kind of conclusion or high point where you then start going forward on a new precedent because of this. The period of time between the first quarter Moon and the full Moon is hot and can feel like expending energy to get things done. Between the 18-23, however, things cool down significantly as Mars, Venus, and then the Sun all enter into earthy Virgo. The third quarter Moon in Gemini highlights the things you are doing with your health and daily life, things you may be organizing for an upcoming trip. Finances are involved again here, and whatever you may be sending out (money?) could require or be connected to finances. There is a charge of grounded inspiration happening after this third quarter Moon. Mercury enters Virgo on the 29 just before the Virgo new Moon on the 30. This is expands your world and pulls you out of the idleness of August that may have had you feeling more behind-the-scenes, while this new Moon represents the work you can do to get out into the world. 

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