Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 23 - January 20  |  THE Sea Goat  |  saturn

Capricorn, in June the Sun moves through Gemini which is your sixth house of health, routines, and daily work.  This house has had a bad reputation and having the Sun move through this area is said to bring some difficulties and challenges.  There is a new Moon here on 3 June just before Mercury moves into Cancer the following day.  This puts a focus on first your daily life and the work you’re doing, as well as a change in interest from your health to now partnership and relating to others.  So while the main theme in June is on what your daily work is doing for you, and what kind of demands it is calling on you, you will also be thinking more about and perhaps communicating some important things to a partner.  Some important context to mention first before going further with the month’s horoscope is the transits of Saturn and Pluto through your sign.  These are right up in your face and showing up as a new beginning that is probably painfully vulnerable in certain ways.  This new beginning is meant to ground you into your being more but can also come with hard lessons and a limit to your vital energies.  From the 14-19 of June there are important planetary events taking place across this Capricorn-Cancer axis that will call on these topics just mentioned.  Mars and Mercury will oppose Saturn and Pluto surrounding the full Moon in Sagittarius, your twelfth house.  There might be a lot that you want to know in June, but that you are prevented from having access to.  Something at the full Moon comes up to your awareness you had not known about before, a blind spot, something hidden.  Things have probably felt confusing since November for you, as your sense of your path feels somewhat incomplete and delayed.  Something arrives at this full Moon that helps you to look at this because it is trying to wake you up.  The oppositions between Mercury/Mars and Saturn/Pluto have to deal with a partnership and could also have to do with business.  You may be traveling or want to travel at this time as well.  It is possible you may frame something as black and white, a yes or no.  This is not necessarily bad but makes things more difficult for you to go through, because the challenge in June is to open up to another person’s perspective and see the nuance that brings things together.  You will have good work opportunities this month, however your partnership may take the toll. 

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