Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 23 - January 20  |  THE Sea Goat  |  saturn

Capricorn, there is quite a bit of focus coming in October surrounding your action in the world and the kind of reputation it creates. The Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Mars all align with Saturn and Pluto this month. In addition, Venus takes prominence around October 8 right after the first quarter Moon, which aligns closely to Saturn and the South node of the Moon. Essentially, October might have you looking closely at what kind of action you have the chance to take right now to move forward. This might also come out of looking at the future and feeling a necessity to have a plan where one does not exist or is not thought out yet. For all signs, there is an overarching theme around relationships. This comes through strongly in your career and the actions you choose to take within it. There are several instances throughout the month of influences which might shake up or intensify your aspirations. This might also be a month where you are called to take action in your life regarding inner resentments or tensions that are building under the surface. There is certainly some interesting dynamics occurring around your career and what you wish to achieve in your life. Sometimes these things can arrive in one’s consciousness out of frustrating situations that one simply cannot tolerate any longer. Some kind of liberation is needed, and you might notice that life is demanding this from you in a certain way in October. You will want to be especially careful and cautious from the 25-28 when a very irritated Mars squares a strong Saturn. This is not a good time for trying to repair or mend problems and travels should be treated with more safety and cognizance of the environment. If you can present an unbiased stance with seemingly petty problems and hold your head high, you could see November returns favor to your positions and actions from this month.

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