Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

December 23 - January 20  |  THE Sea Goat  |  saturn

Capricorn, we are halfway between the eclipses we had in January and the ones we will have in July.  Whenever we reach the halfway point between the eclipses there tends to be noticeable and potentially important shifts, though not at the level of intensity or prominence we see around the time of the eclipses themselves.  April is an important month for you in 2019 because it is reinforcing the eclipses in a way that might be uncomfortable but ultimately strengthening.  The nodal axis is what is used to track the eclipses.  There are two poles of this axis- the north node and the south node.  The north is currently moving through Cancer which puts the south node in your sign.  With the north node being where we will get energy and development, Cancer comes as something difficult to take on because it is your opposite sign.   You are not typically the one the let those emotions flow freely on your sleeve and open up at the drop of a hat.  But shifting your attention to your feelings, to the needs of yourself and others, to family matters, are all important things for you to focus on in 2019 and especially in April.  But it won’t be glamorous and it probably won’t be very visible, which might be difficult to accept, because you look for substance as a barometer of where you stand and where to go.  Ultimately April offers an entirely different process that will have you focused on yourself, your home, your family.  Perhaps shifts within your career or work place will have you more appreciative of what you can actually hold on to. 

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