Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 22 - June 21  |  THE TWINs |  mercury

Gemini, the end of May probably brought a noticeable new beginning for you kicking off your new year.  Now in June, that continues except you are taking a close look at your finances.  There are also strong themes of family support that will be important this month and next.  But particularly, you have an eye on your finances and real estate.  Venus moves through Gemini with the Sun and brings a pleasant disposition to your view of life and makes your more attractive.  Conversation becomes very important with this Venus, and it is conversation again around security and money.  The first quarter Moon is particularly strong for you and changes the direction of things regarding your living situation and home.  You might find more communication or back-and-forth messages about this at this time.  When the full Moon comes on 17 June, this will surround you and your partner or an important relationship.  Something is coming to an end, perhaps with your partner, and there could be travel involved.  This happens while you are more seriously looking at finances and possibly having to shell out more money than you feel comfortable with, but without much better of an alternative.  There is something in the week of 16-22 June you have to face regarding money and your partner.  This can have some overlap with your profession, which may be put on the backburner in some way, albeit temporarily.  Mercury slows down at the end of the month preparing for his retrograde, which will again come back to your finances.  


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