Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 22 - June 21  |  THE TWINs |  mercury

Gemini, Mars is in your sign beginning from the 31 of March.  Mars will be here until May 16 and what this does for you is energize your mind and your sense of excitement.  It can also bring so much speed that you crash and burn or lose your grip or footing when running around too quickly.  The Sun moving through Aries in April suggests that friendship and kindred spirits will be very important.  The Sun and Mars should actually bring benefits for you this month.  Typically these two bodies exacerbate their hotter more intemperate qualities and makes them less sociable and easy-going.  But their alignment suggests that is eased a little bit and can bring a dose of positive social energy and circumstances into your life.  You will see just how important community is this month.  Your planetary ruler, Mercury, has been retrograde in Pisces and has had you thinking and reviewing your career and position in the world.  It may have also had you facing family matters, but more internally or in the background.  Mercury leaves this area on 17 April, which is in the middle of a few days where important shifts are taking place for you personally.  What you end up interacting with could be connected to benevolent values and standards in your relationships and your work, even your life path as a whole.  There is the need for you to regulate your public relationships based on the recent feelings you have been having about value and worth.  By the time the month ends you may be feeling things more strongly and needing to take some kind of action. 


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