Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 22 - June 21  |  THE TWINs |  mercury

In July, the eclipses came to your second and eighth houses where you saw a focus on money and values within partnership. In August, the planetary emphases come to the sign of Leo, the sign that is also your third house. The Sun is the ruler of this sign and therefore the ruler of your third house. The third house represents an area of life regarding communications, hosting travelers, being a traveler, learning, relatives, and sometimes teaching. There is a new Moon here on July 31 which brings a new sense of life to your outlook and attitude. This could possibly be based on things you must do in order to take care of yourself- in other words, your basic needs. But overall there could be a sense of positivity and hope about going forward at this time. You will notice how August seems to be a bit livelier and move a faster pace than July did. At the time of the new Moon your planetary ruler Mercury will be stationing direct with Venus making a hard configuration to Uranus the following day. The opening of the month does indicate some shifting and possibly some impulse for change or even unleashing things that have been hanging around. A friend or romantic interest might suggest something spontaneous, and/or you might just suddenly decide to cut someone or some event out of your schedule. The first quarter Moon comes on 7 August and though it does bring with it a decisive moment regarding moving forward with your work, there are also positive feelings that might be found elsewhere in your relationships. There might be something falling away at work, or something that needs to be cut away, that can make room for something else. Mercury changes signs on 11 August, Jupiter is officially direct on the 12, and Venus and the Sun make their conjunction in the early hours of the 14. This has significance for what you are doing in your day to day. You might notice that things just seem a lot busier and there is a lot more to do as things keep coming in to take care of and around which plans need to be formed. But there is also something characteristically growth-oriented taking place in the sphere of those you relate to closely- friends and relatives/siblings. The full Moon comes right after these dates on the 15, and has a similar tone to the first quarter Moon from the 7. The full Moon makes a definitive end to something in your life that you might see most relevant in the areas of travel, religion, and education. After the full Moon things cool off considerably from the 18-23. This begins a quieter period of reflection, introspection and focus on home life. This cooler, slower shift will become much more established around the 29-30 of the month. Make sure to start paying attention to your health and your living quarters at this time.  


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