Gemini Monthly Horoscope

May 22 - June 21  |  THE TWINs |  mercury

Gemini, what a great time of year for you! October is a time for romance and fun, something you should certainly try to make space for. But October is really about you getting real with yourself and with another person- who could that person be? Anyone! It could be anyone who happens to be the right fit for you to open up to being who you really are with them. There are some possible turning points happening regarding finances and this might be able to open up some doors for you. What arrives in October will probably be some mild inspiration having to do with relationships. It looks as though you will be assessing and evaluating along these lines. Mercury, your planetary ruler, is moving fast ahead of the Sun and by the end of October will be coming to his standstill to begin his retrograde in Scorpio throughout most of November. This is a very key piece for you to be aware of as you move throughout October. What tends to happen with Mercury before he turns retrograde is that he may sense a pressure about staying organized with what is going on as he senses a shift coming. In November Mercury will retrograde through your sixth house, the house of work and daily living, also pets. What you might notice in October is a theme around the stability and generation of work, the resources for thriving in your daily life. Oftentimes we will feel an impulse as though something must change or we must take some kind of action around something just before Mercury turns retrograde. It would not be in your best interest to make sudden changes or changes without considerations. However, it might also be that it is simply not possible to put things off any longer. October should be enjoyed to the full extent you can while also being aware of financial and work responsibilities, as well as responsibilities to your own health and joy in your daily life.  


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