Leo Monthly Horoscope

July 23 -August 21  |  THE lion  |  sun

The Sun continues on from last month’s focus on your career and the role you are selected for in the world.  As the Sun continues through Gemini in June, you will be more socially active and interested in connecting with groups of people.  There are communities and perhaps organizations with which you are connecting and this becomes important in June.  It is not that you are frantically running around, though it may feel like that at times, your situation is more about assimilating things from the recent past.  There is a growing wisdom you are gaining about recent events, and it is giving you a broader vision or scope, and you may have some valuable perspectives come to you on this.  June becomes quite important for you when looking at the movement of Mercury over the next couple months.  You will notice how you will be thinking in a more mature way about the road ahead for yourself.  You’re thinking on this because there is a change that is coming which will renew you at your birthday in a powerful way.  But in order to get to that other side, you will have to go through a questioning process which you would probably rather avoid because it might mean putting your energy into a different direction or letting go of something familiar.  In June this questioning process can begin under the guise of new connections and social interaction.  That will be attractive to you and will also serve the purpose of distracting you to open up to change and an eventual process of letting go so you can be more of who you are in new environments to come.  The full Moon on the 17 should bring a good time- a party, a romance, a flirtation that has some meaning to it.  Here is also where you can look at stepping forward anew in your life.  There are challenges at work this month, tensions in your daily life that you are looking to resolve for yourself.  By the time the Summer solstice comes at 21 June you should start to be intentional with how much energy you are giving, and start spending more time reflecting.  


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