Leo Monthly Horoscope

July 23 -August 21  |  THE lion  |  sun

Spring has sprung for you, Leo!  You are probably feeling lighter now that the Sun has entered Aries and you have left behind the watery depths of late February and March.  The Sun is very strong in April and shows that you have great energy for getting out into the world.  Where March was probably more internal and perhaps still, April comes as fresh movement of energy that should ignite you and excite you.  This is a great time for travel, and if you don’t have any plans this would be a great time to organize them.  Your ruling planet, the Sun, makes aspects to Saturn on the 11, Pluto on the 14, Jupiter on the 15, and Uranus on the 22.  This eleven-day span will be more prominent relative to the entire month, with those four dates being very important.  Initially, between the 11 and 14 you may find difficulty in your view of your own everyday life.  You may feel bogged down, stressed, restrained, with a need to break free.  And you may find that you overcome or desire to overcome this need for freedom, so be very deliberate about sudden changes you wish to initiate, and focus on your work.  What is eventually coming is the Sun making a conjunction to Uranus after the Sun aligns with Saturn, Pluto, and Jupiter, and after the full Moon on the 19.  The solar conjunction with Uranus on the 22 suggests that you are definitely needing to embody some change or liberation with the life path you’re walking right now.  So, the first two weeks of April would be an excellent time to get out and open up about what changes you wish to see in your life, where you see limitations and frustrations, and to go about these changes in a deliberate way that will support you instead of disrupt your stability


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