Leo Monthly Horoscope

July 23 -August 21  |  THE lion  |  sun

Leo, it’s all about you, baby. This is the season where you have your birthday- the renewal of your life force. This is always strong because the Sun is the planetary lord of Leo, and the Sun is a life-giving light. A huge part of August for you revolved around love. Venus and the Sun make their conjunction on the 14, but this alignment is significant and will be context for the whole month. The new Moon in Leo on 31 July is a noticeable change in weight of the atmosphere. Things begin to seriously lighten up right at the opening of the month. This also picks up the pace. Mercury officially comes out of its retrograde when it stations the same day as the new Moon and makes its first direct motions the following day. Mercury stationing direct in Cancer very close to the new Moon in Leo presents a compelling solidification of a recent reversal of your life. Something brand spankin’ new was something strong in thought in July but did not quite resolve itself in its entirety. This renewal, however, brought about change and disruption to your daily living and probably had an impact on your spiritual well-being. The newness that has been on its way but still out in the distance rippling into July is incontrovertible this month. Uranus’ change of sign into Taurus has begun an eight-year period of change to your life path. There is an aspect of this starting off the month. The first quarter Moon is an unfortunate one as it falls in the sign of Scorpio. There is something you cannot deny about home and living at this time. Ego energies can be very reactive at this time. If we look a little further in the month we can see that the full Moon gives some more detail around what this first quarter Moon might be doing for you. What seems to be happening is something deeply personal for you regarding a decision to be made about the way your life is currently situated. There are two important parts to this- your home life, and the bigger picture you see for your work in the world. The first quarter Moon and the full Moon (the 7 and 15 of August respectively) are revealing the ways you must be authentic with yourself. You must ask yourself if you are being in alignment to what is authentic for you. This demand of authenticity stands regardless of whether or not external factors seem to be in alignment with what you want. It may be these areas of life through which you can access ways you have been inauthentic. But at both these lunar phases there are benefits that mitigate the severity of feelings of lack that might otherwise be blown out of proportion. These benefits come to us first with Jupiter at the first quarter and Venus at the full Moon. The span of time from the 7-15 could actually be enterprising and supportive of taking a risk you may feel uncertain about, or a risk you take that does not involve much thinking. The thing you must be careful about is exciting yourself to the point of overlooking the way things will really play out in daily life, so be sure to spend some extra time writing down the details of whatever new major plans you are shoring up and bouncing them off of people who you know aren’t concerned with hand-holding and who are more practically-minded. Don’t try to convince them of your plan- lay it out plainly and listen to their feedback. The second half of the month sees a considerable loss in heat, particularly from the 18-23 and at the 29 and 30. It is not entirely lost, however, as there is still a mental aggressiveness that wants to “get after it”. The final quarter Moon in Gemini on the 23 is the same day your ruler, the Sun, leaves its dignity in Leo and enters earthy Virgo. This presents an important shift for you in terms of practicality. You have at your command the minds, ears, eyes, and help of friends and a community of those with whom you see eye-to-eye. Your perspective is strongly centered in yourself and this is something you will bring to others. They can assist you if you need it, so be open to people coming in at random. The month ends with the new Moon in Virgo which is like a seal stamping hot wax that then cools and hardens. The time now is for focusing on money matters! Knowing this is ramping up in the second half of the month and really beginning on the 30 at the new Moon, think of how you can be ahead of things by considering financial matters early in August.  


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