Leo Monthly Horoscope

July 23 -August 21  |  THE lion  |  sun

Leo, the Sun moves through your third house for most of October. Until the Sun enters Scorpio, your fourth house, on 23 October, some important themes about siblings, short trips, and hosting visitors or being a visitor will take center stage. The Sun runs into Saturn and Pluto between the 7-13 of October. This might normally be treacherous territory but the Sun’s agenda, while less resourceful, has the upper hand now. The Sun in Libra wants harmony and will often take other people’s positions and circumstances into account when assessing one’s own actions and perspectives. The thing is, you are thinking about other people a fair amount in October, and it is likely that you want to be close to others, to talk to them, to connect and share some time together. The Sun encountering Saturn and Pluto darkens the energy quite a bit. But, with the Sun having the upper hand, it suggests a certain kind of wherewithal for situations around you or in your environment that might be uncomfortable or prickly. Saturn and Pluto are moving through your sixth house of work. You might notice that in your environment at work you are confronting or simply in the midst of some conflicting personalities. There could be issues around authority, superiority, the way one goes about accomplishing tasks, and communication about work. You might notice this turn up a notch at the first quarter phase of the Moon on the 5 as well as when the Moon comes to her fullness on the 13. What you might also notice is that you are thinking or attempting to connect with individuals who can help make a notable turn or change in your work. Turning the wheel of your work life might be something you are doing in October. If you find that you are contemplating re-arranging your living situation in a serious way and it becomes rushed and pressured for an early November date, consider taking a step to look at the pieces and re-evaluate if it is something that would be good to follow through with, because you it might not be as good as you are trying to make it out to be.  


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