Leo Monthly Horoscope

July 23 -August 21  |  THE lion  |  sun

Leo, you are still riding the wave of your birthday month in a way.  What began at your birthday was truly symbolic of some powerful new beginning, whether it was the unclear sense that a new way of being is emerging, or a definitive mark of personal renewal, somewhere along that spectrum you have been reborn in a fundamentally important way.  The fallout of that time progressed into September with a need to begin organizing and taking a more concrete approach with this new beginning- the potter’s raw clay now forming into something coherent.  It was a time for adapting yourself to a new future.  As October arrives, you will start to intellectually grasp what is possible and what is not possible based on attempts at organizing and making efficient your finances and work.  October is a time for socializing and having fun.  You may notice how friends and your various environments are taking up a lot of focus.  Perhaps it is time to open up to new environments and new friendships, new types of thinking and interacting that are pleasing for you.  Friends can enhance your self-worth but there also looks to be a need for balance between social time and your daily routine for work.  The month opens with a Full Moon on the 5, possibly a foreshadowing of challenge.  Self-expression and mobilizing your resources could be blocked or delayed, or maybe frustrated.  Your ideas about moving forward are sharply focused now and could require examination and extra effort.  As we get closer to November you will notice things begin to slow down as they should.  It will be time to start integrating all the growth from your birthday, and establish some foundations as you move forward with a deeper sense of certainty.  

Your animal guides this month are:

  • Boar:  Face your problems head-on with confidence and courage, and you will emerge victorious
  • Snow Leopard:  Take some time out of your usual life and spend it in solitude
  • Unicorn:  Indulge your creative, imaginative, and magical side through some form of artistic expression


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