Libra Monthly Horoscope

September 24 - October 23  |  THE scales  |  venus

Happy birthday, Libra! This month is all about you. You have just completed an entire year of growth.  Having closed the doors to the past you are now finding yourself in the midst of something captivating.  There is a sense of openness, of space to breathe, and at the same time nothing.  But nothing grows ever-distant behind you as you move forward into this new something.  What this new cycle is can not be said, for this month represents pure potentials awaiting you.  The end of September and into the first days of October symbolize a facing of emotional expressions, needs, and yearnings.  You may be cleaning and de-cluttering your home in the literal and figurative sense.  Some internal cleaning and clearing may be part of this time as the new something slowly emerges.  What mostly is happening for you this month is an awareness of your state of being, the very real experiential part of living as a biological organism with an identity. You have expanded a lot in the past year and that expansion is not stopping this month.  The step which follows pure potential is the ability to extract a valuable result as energy that was generated now concentrates and focuses into something tangible.  You may have strong yearnings for order in the middle of feeling confusion or chaos.  By mid-month you should be feeling past this and able to stand in your own with conviction.

Your animal guides this month are:

  • Chimpanzee:  Use both your intuition and your intellect to solve the problem or get answers to your question
  • Snow Leopard:  Take some time out of your usual life and spend it in solitude
  • Cardinal:  The polarities of your spiritual pursuits and physical pleasures are out of balance, so do whatever is necessary to bring them back into equilibrium

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