Libra Monthly Horoscope

September 24 - October 23  |  THE scales  |  venus

Libra, this month the Sun is in Aries which is your seventh house.  Your ruler, Venus, is in Pisces until April 20, the same day the Sun changes signs into Taurus.  There is some agreement in April between Mercury and Mars, and the Sun and Venus.  Mars is stronger for you this month and shows there is something exciting happening that is lifting your spirits.  March probably brought opportunities for deeper emotional experiences having to do with your heart.  Now in April you are more mentally energized and eager.  You have lots of ideas and excitement with this Spring energy, and it might be problematic for your everyday life.  In your relationships you will meet some restrictions which your homelife will want you to move beyond or constructively form.  You may find yourself feeling somewhat of an outcast or even strange occurrences of loneliness even when people are around, from the 11 to the 14.  By the time the 15 comes there might be a beneficial alleviating of these previous days with friendship, siblings, or a spontaneous trip or encounter in your local environment.  The 19 is the full Moon in your sign, and can put your needs on the spotlight.  In fact, it might bring up rigidness and tension that you experience in your ability to internally regulate for peace and harmony with your social contacts.  A great way to use this full Moon is to celebrate and have a party!  This marks the completion of halfway through your solar year, so it should be celebrated anyway. 

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