Libra Monthly Horoscope

September 24 - October 23  |  THE scales  |  venus

Libra, July brought somewhat stormy seas to the areas of your home and life path. You probably noticed how it was necessary for some things to come to an end, a conclusion, and to persist with determination to maintain where you are going. The intensity levels drop a little in August, and seem to bring some real joyous visions at the opening of the month. The new Moon in Leo on 31 July comes the same day Mercury stations for its direct motion beginning the very next day. This is a moment of stillness where there really is a sense of new life and some clarity around what in July may have been foggy and left unresolved. The direction is forward now, and that is clear. The first quarter Moon is a rather unfortunate one, however the Sun is configured to Jupiter and throughout the month, Venus. There is hope coming in at this first quarter Moon, but there is also some necessary shedding needing to happen as August really is starting to bring an ending to the past 10 months or so for you. There is some mental re-calibrating that can be invigorating and inspiring. Connect with like-minded people this month- it will lift your spirits and expand your being. July may have felt constricted and/or full of demanding necessities. So let the good fortune of August come in- don’t be afraid to connect with those groups or those activities which are truly authentic to who you are. A big piece of context in August which will continue until June of 2020 is exactly that- authentic self-expression through like-minded groups and with people who are committed to similar things that light you up! This comes from the conjunction of Venus and the Sun which takes place on the 14, the day before the Aquarius full Moon. Both the quarter Moon and the full Moon are in signs ruled by the malefic planets Mars and Saturn, respectively. The full Moon on the 15 sees the Moon sullen as she looks from distant planes at the warm and inviting atmosphere happening between Venus and the Sun. She might feel lonely and alienated, but she can also have a strong intuitive insight into what this new cycle with Venus means in terms of who she wants to connect with in the world, who she wants to be, who she feels she is at a deeper level and how that can be expressed through associates, friends, and professional contacts. Illumination can come regarding love and enjoyment- what do you truly enjoy? Are your values matching up with your relationships in love and in friendship? In the professional network with which you associate? There is certainly a drama and flair in the first two weeks of August. There can be opportunistic openings that seem to put things back on track, or at least offer some expansion. It would be wise to look carefully at how easy things may be flowing within these first two weeks. Venus enters Virgo, the sign of her fall, on the 21. In Virgo, Venus must find an unconventional way of expressing herself. This begins a process of drawing some conclusions that may have been put on the backburner for some time. As we move towards September, there can be the chance that, if having bitten off more than you can chew in August, some discomfort can arise in having to adjust to some social dynamics that may not have been predicted or seen having been under the hopeful rays of her own beneficence, and that of Jupiter and the Sun. The month cools down significantly at the end of the month and increases in practical needs and requirements at the new Moon on 30 August. What may be practical for you starting at this time, Libra, is to remove things from your schedule and do less than you had planned. Conserve you energies as you move in late August! You will be glad you did by the time the Sun enter Libra around 23 September.  

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