Pisces Monthly Horoscope

February 20- March 20  |  THE FISH  |  JUPITER & NEPTUNE

Pisces, the Sun moves through Leo this month which draws energy to your work life. The new Moon in Leo on 31 July comes at the same time that Mercury stations direct. These two events both help to shift the energy from July. July was heavy and intense for many people, and the Leo new Moon and Mercury’s shifting will help you to see more clearly about moving forward and feeling a little more certain about your daily life. The eclipses from July really shook up the theme of “truth” for you. In August, thing are on the decline so you should take the time to re-focus on your routines. Perhaps this is where the biggest growth is this month. There is no doubt there will be love in the air, however, because Venus and the Sun are active throughout the entire month. The first quarter Moon is in Scorpio on 7 August and begins to open up your mind to see things from a bird’s eye view. This is important for what August can potentially bring to you. You may at the first week of August begin to get some inspiration and glimpses into where you can expand, but there might be something you need to let go of- a fixation, complaints, blaming others. It’s not all bad though, because the Sun is configured beautifully to your ruler, Jupiter. There are ways you wish to expand with your work in the world, your path, your reputation, your career. Whatever it is you are looking at critically will have a strong connection to your ability to expand in the world, which is something you see for yourself right now. The Moon continues to wax and gain light as the Venus-Sun conjunction perfects the day before the full Moon, which takes place on the 15. The full Moon can be particularly illuminating for you, though it may not be all that comfortable. It can show where you might not have seen something that was in your way, preventing you from getting out of a pattern. This full Moon really can be about recognizing patterns that you were not aware of, and the ending of which can open up space for a different way to go. And in August you are looking closely at which way you are going. You are preparing for the entry into the second half of your year, and as the first half closes it is natural to reflect on what has happened, what has not worked, and this might bring up things from further back in the past that are unresolved and which you can work on right now. By cleaning up those things which can get in the way of your path, you can then walk more comfortably on that path. The heat of July and August cools down considerably as Mars, Venus, and then the Sun all enter Virgo. The third quarter Moon in Gemini takes places right as the Sun enters Virgo. This has to do with letting go of your past again, and starting to clean and make space for a new set of circumstances, maybe even a new living environment. You could be thinking about that and how you would like that to change or improve or work better, or be cleaner. The end of the month has the new Moon in Virgo on 30 August and initiates the second half of your year with a focus on partnership.

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