Pisces Monthly Horoscope

February 20- March 20  |  THE FISH  |  JUPITER & NEPTUNE

Pisces, the Sun moves through Gemini until 21 June when it enters Cancer on the longest day of the year, the Summer solstice.  Until then we are heading towards that point in the year which is significant in that it marks a change in direction of energy relative to where things had been going.  In Gemini, the Sun rejoices because it is in a masculine sign, thus giving it change and activity congruent to its nature.  However, for you whenever the Sun moves through Gemini it is a time to pull back and rest.  The nature of this time is not conducive to outward external movement despite the significations given of the Sun in Gemini.  Instead of frequent activity, you should welcome change in a way that is much more receptive and passive.  You may wish to shift the ground beneath your feet in a very real way- perhaps you are changing things regarding home and family, or deep within at a psychological or spiritual place.  This is the main theme of the month, but there are other energies you are contending with beyond this arena that are trying to pull you out of the introspection you will need throughout the month.  Mars and Mercury oppose Saturn and Pluto between the 14-19 which surrounds the full Moon on the 17.  The full Moon comes to your tenth house of career, illuminating and highlighting your path, where you are going, and what you are doing with your life.  Something arrives to your consciousness from deep within, and should give you an experience of needing to have a grasp on your life situation as a whole.  The oppositions of Mercury and Mars to Saturn and Pluto regard love and your higher wishes or aspirations.  You may be wishing to follow a hunch, or you may be dreaming deeply about something that would fulfill you, a new path or arrangement that brings you joy and happiness.  This is something to pay attention to, because it is going to become more important as July nears and unfolds.  The eclipses in July are in a sense already here in June, and are coming through from the 14-19 of the month.  Make time for yourself, to rest, relax, to be receptive to the deeper callings of your soul. 

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