Pisces Monthly Horoscope

February 20- March 20  |  THE FISH  |  JUPITER

Pisces, Jupiter has been giving you abundant blessings through your position in the world since November of last year. This is continuing through October but is waning and will shift its focus in early December. Until then, you will have been exposed to great opportunities that can benefit you long-term. Perhaps you have desired more expansion through your career and have felt more capable in positioning yourself to do so since November. Perhaps good fortune has come in the form of opportunities and elevating your status. This can help support the general themes of October, which, in all honesty, look to be less exciting. The Sun is difficultly placed in your horoscope for the first three weeks of October. With the first quarter Moon, full Moon, and last quarter Moon in cardinal signs, it might not be until late October you notice you are moving beyond some less comfortable territory. It is not horrible or bad, but it is certainly not comfortable. It might be the case that you confront or deal with overcoming some difficulties that zap you of your positivity. Your desire deep down is to come together and find union, but this could get mucky and messy. You would be better inclined to bring some attention to your finances and health and do helpful practices to support those two things throughout October. Also keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, and the things which pass, while sometimes painful, can instill a sense of gratitude when the good things come. And, sometimes even the common cold that knocks you down for a week can brings up its own set of psychological challenges when in a state of decline. There is a hurdle you may struggle to overcome around the first quarter Moon on the 5, and two days later. Several days later on the 12 there is alleviation. The Sun is weakened in your October horoscope, but right before the full Moon on the 13 there is some aid that, while perhaps hard to find, won’t be the determining factor of things improving, for apart from that, tensions can ease quite a bit. This could also be a moment where spending increases. While finances may decline, it could be for good reasons. Much of October may in fact be around finances, insurance, and debts. You may intend for financial gains through your career. While this is possible, there is also room for much more potential. Major increases in wealth should not be expected, but something positive in this realm is indicated. Perhaps in order to gain something, something must be lost or given away. Mercury stations for his retrograde on Halloween, bringing up second thoughts about education, travel, and contact with people foreign to the nation in which you live. If you are considering a major change in your schedule by taking on a new education trajectory beginning in November, you may want to triple check the impact of such a change. A vacation to a foreign country can be very beneficial, however. Overall, October is about resources and while there might be some limitation, there is also some moments of growth and expansion which will continue to inspire you well into the winter season.