Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

November 23 - December 22  |  The ARCHER  |  JUPITER

Sagittarius, we’re heading into the colder months in the northern hemisphere and not too far from your birthday. Last month focused energy on a new type of beginning in your life centered around your career and profession.  In that area, your position in the world strongly determines your degree of influence, power, and authority.  What began last month was the generating of “earth power” - the force in structure and matter. In October this earth power becomes concentrated and potentially distributed through the power of the mind and togetherness.  You are looked upon favorably this month though there is some pressure around “form” and “protocol”.  The social/professional power being concentrated this month must be used.  It values harmony among the people so long as power and authority are used fairly.  You have been strongly engaged with the public sphere over the past year- networking with colleagues, exploring new vistas and communities, aligning yourself with like minds.  You have been offered social integration through socially expansive roles.  A shift comes this month as the expansion turns to your inner world of untapped resources and wisdom.  This expansion does not seek outward fulfillment, but soul-fulfillment through an inner well of unimaginable depth.  This month brings the need to make responsible and possibly challenging decisions that reflect your original voice and being, providing a seed for a future you don't yet know in detail but may sense consciously.

Your animal guides this month are:

  • Seagull:  Now is the time for deep emotional healing
  • Falcon:  Act on the opportunity that’s before you, and commit to it without equivocation
  • Cheetah:  Get clear on your intention, stay focused, and move quickly to achieve your goal

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