Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

November 23 - December 22  |  The ARCHER  |  JUPITER

Sagittarius, the new Moon in Leo on 31 July is what initiates all the drama for you! This coincides with Mercury making his direct station, two celestial events which signal a shift and change in the way things have been going for you since the beginning of July. July was an idle time for you, a time of sitting and waiting, perhaps having to organize money. But now in August you can expect a faster pace of things and to simply feel better than you did last month. It would not be unusual for you to do some traveling this month, and to feel the love while it happens. Venus and the Sun are making their conjunction on the 14 but it is certainly relevant all month. This conjunction is important because it transforms us into a new stage, a new phase, a different state of relating. Venus will go from her morning star phase to her evening star phase, where she prefers more time to think about how she wants to go about doing things and to whom she wishes to relate. This is taking place in your ninth house of travel and education, so you will see an important moment taking place regarding these things, especially when the full Moon comes around on the 15. The first quarter Moon on the 7 will be in your twelfth house which can bring up some unusual feelings, stirring you in ways you may not fully understand. Unresolved things may need action taken on them. You are having a good time, but you might also want to just slow down and rest for a minute. The Sun makes beneficial angles to Jupiter, as does Venus, on the 7 and 8 respectively. These help alleviate any dissonance that might be in the air. Some magical synchronicities can happen close to these dates too. The heat picks up as the full Moon gradually approaches from the 7 to the 15. As the Moon waxes, the Leo energy comes in with more strength. There is a need to produce and to persist. There is something that is challenging your routines now, some obligation to a higher authority or power. The full Moon comes to your third house of communication and messages. It may call on your finances, and there could be something you are trying to communicate or get across regarding money. Overall, however, the full Moon sees something very beneficial beginning to rise for you. The new cycle that begins with education or travel can have you realize some things you enjoy doing, but which are also responsibilities. This could be a deadline to submit a new project or proposal, and finances could be tied into this again. The third quarter Moon comes on the 23 in Gemini. By the time this arrives the heat will have diminished and the atmosphere will become noticeably cooler. The Sun shifting into Virgo the same day as the third quarter Moon certainly shows a shifting in letting go of one way you were living in August and preparing for a different way that comes in at this time or in the next week or two. The third quarter Moon highlights a partnership, where the focus on that may be shifting to that of your career. The new Moon in Virgo really emphasizes this on 30 August, initiating the new life-breath into your career and life path.

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