Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

November 23 - December 22  |  The ARCHER  |  JUPITER

Sagittarius, you might want to take some time to reflect on the positive changes and brand-new openings that have been occurring for you since November of 2018. Probably since that time you have dealt with having to be in a more “building” sense regarding your finances which can come with strain or limitation, but nonetheless the brand-new beginnings that have been occurring should be seen as expansive and as opportunities that open you up to the world. The best-case scenario is that you feel right with yourself and right with the world. These are the benefits that come from your planetary ruler Jupiter, being at home in his own sign of Sagittarius. Jupiter leaves Sagittarius at the beginning of December this year, so this year-long “season” of benefits that has opened up your world is transitioning into a different focus in December, which will be on the money you make and what you can leverage with your own personal resources. Until then, you are still reaping benefits and rewards from Jupiter. The Sun being in Libra is a pleasant and sympathetic relation to Jupiter in October, and while the alignment is harmonious, it is not as powerful as what you might have seen in September or in the past year. It does bring a positive dose of human interactions, so you should expect some very enjoyable processes with others throughout the first three weeks of October. The four-fold lunation cycle (first quarter, full phase, final quarter, new moon) in October brings up topics of resources around your personal projects and visions. There is something you desire to bring into manifestation as indicated by the full Moon in Aries on the 13 of October, and the full scope of your intentions might be in direct conflict or at cross purposes with your position or with what is available at the moment. This is does not mean there is a permanent road block, but that there is something around your and others’ finances that can present a need for some creative adjusting- be open to a change of direction or plans. Overall, the primary focus in October is connecting and networking with others so make sure you get out and connect with people you enjoy spending time with and who can reflect their support for your ideas and visions.

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