Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

November 23 - December 22  |  The ARCHER  |  JUPITER

Sagittarius, the Sun moves through Gemini until 21 June, the longest day of the year when the Sun enters the sign of Cancer.  Gemini rules your seventh house of marriage and travel.  This becomes the main focus for the month, and kicks off an entirely different half of your year which will come to its end when the Sun moves back through Sagittarius in late November through December.  The Sun represents consciousness and intellect and in your seventh house attracts quite a bit of your focus (or someone else’s) on partnership.  The new Moon on 3 June will imbue an emphasis on how you relate to others in addition to this partnership theme.  This arches over June with special importance as the Moon gains light until her maximum fullness on the 17.  Before that, the first quarter Moon hits the height of your chart on 10 June, effectively pulling you more concretely into a distinction between this half of your year now establishing itself, and leaving behind the second half of your year that began in November and December.  This distinction can arrive as an event regarding your authority to communicate boundaries as you will face two contradictions: being an individual with personal needs, flaws, opinions, and being asked to give these things up in order to merge with something beyond you as an individual.  This is not necessarily a comfortable situation and you will definitely be looking for clarity, but may also have a hard time finding it if unresolved confusion is in the air.  All of this relates as well to deeper explorations of the psyche and can put a strain on the fluidity of sharing between multiple parties.  The planetary alignments around the full Moon 14-19 June makes intimacy and business uncomfortable, so people may skirt around subjects they would rather avoid, when clearly there is some tension needing to be alleviated.  This can put a focus on your finances, where you may unfortunately need to bear the brunt of figuring out how to manage on less for a moment.  You will be able to see things quite deeply which can aid you in holding your stance on things.  As July nears you will see how important intimacy and deeper issues of blindspots and working powerfully with others will be something you are putting ahead of yourself in your view.  This is something you are heading towards in a way, and something which will become a theme of change in July. 

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