Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

November 23 - December 22  |  The ARCHER  |  JUPITER

Sagittarius, April is much lighter than March for you!  March you spent in some deeper waters, perhaps underground or under a rock or managing shifts and tides at home.  Now in April things heat up as the Sun is exalted in your fifth house- the place of love, romance, sex, self-expression, and children.  Jupiter is still in your first house so take a look for yourself- where have you seen significant opportunities come up that have benefited your horizons?  Heading towards the middle of the month are some rocky days.  The 11-14 show that you might get slowed down more than you are willing to tolerate, but this situation shows you are going to have to accept it.  You probably are feeling much lighter now that the Sun is in a fellow fire sign like your own, but there is ultimately a shift coming on the 22, three days after the full Moon.  It looks like there are things you get to see more clearly with the help of friends or by putting yourself out there.  You may end up seeing your hopes and dreams more readily, and be filled with a sense of excitement about the future of your work or daily life.  It can also make work more fraught with nervous energy and have you in a “fix it” mentality.  The full Moon comes to your eleventh house again as it did at the end of March.  It is bringing up once again your vision of the future and your desires for whatever may make your life better.  It can also be a time of ending a relationship or beginning new ones- new friends, more harmony among colleagues, new clubs or organizations to join that bring people together- even something creative.  The month ends with a waning quarter Moon while Mars squares Neptune.  Ideals or even confusion coming from a deeper place might be influencing that actions you take in your relationships, while there are distinct check points happening with work and your daily life.  It might be time for a new routine or the next step in a project.

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