I began exploring astrology when I was around 13 years old, but as a young kid before I even knew what astrology was I had a 3D mental image of a “solar calendar” that corresponded with the zodiacal layout of my personal nativity.  Astrology is truly a rabbit hole, and I love it.  I continually study modern and ancient astrology and so far am primarily self-taught. I do not use computer sources for my studies, as I feel a certain inexplicable connection to books, pen and paper, people, and meditation.  

I approach astrology as a way to understand cycles that reveal themselves on a personal and social level.  It is potent medicine, and must be carried with respect.  In my opinion, being in touch with rhythms of organic life is much needed in this tech era.  Astrology forces us to simultaneously consider the tangible with the ethereal, the factual with the abstract and symbolic, to connect with earth and the stars.  It points to a necessary requirement for a whole existence: connection.  

I enjoy spending time in nature, building, making art, cooking, and day-dreaming.