Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

October 24 - November 22  |  THE Scorpion  |  MARS & Pluto

Scorpio, August brings the drama to your career, your reputation, and the direction you are going in life. The new Moon on 31 July coincides with Mercury’s direct station, signaling that you can start to expect things to move forward regarding your career. In July, you might have taken some time to look over your career and reconsider training or education. This is a time where you would be more encouraged to pursue perhaps a different path or training that will support the existing one. The first quarter Moon is in the sign of Scorpio and may bring on feelings of needing to take serious action. The action you need to take may be compelling, and may seem to be right up in your face. This first quarter Moon does have a degree of harshness to it, but is helped somewhat by Jupiter. So, you may feel the need to take serious action in the name of finances. Between the first quarter Moon on the 7 and the full Moon on the 15, there is an increasingly mysterious draw that is happening through your career. Something brand new and beautiful can get you ready to shift into a different position, or take on better circumstances. The full Moon comes to your fourth house of home and family where you can see what you might wish were better in that area. Finding a way to communicate this could present some challenges so you might do better recording it in a journal or letting your mind wander in the privacy of your own space. The full Moon is not to be underestimated this month, Scorpio. There is a polarity you can notice at this time, with one end being your career and the other being home. These polarities are pulled apart to the point where they create tension, imbalance, and dissatisfaction. While there is definitely something positive and beneficial happening through your life path, something that begins at this time (a new outlook, a sense of pride, hope, things in your career that acknowledge a new set of personal values being established) is pulled tenuously from the home life, which seems to be less appealing than the good vibes coming through work. What takes place with your career now might put a light on your homelife and cause you to deliberate on it, with thoughts that you “should” be making a decision about it. If you can hold off on making a decision, you should wait until after the 18 when Mars enters Virgo. This change of sign for your planetary ruler Mars will be great for connecting with like-minded people, so get out there and socialize! The context of social connections can be about science, technology, healing, nutrition, animals. Really, the underlying connection here is a mental one. You wish to share your ideas, so find others who can support that. The third quarter Moon comes on 23 August in Gemini, where you might be finishing something up with finances. A relationship that begins now will certainly have heat and passion and could last longer than expected. The new Moon in Virgo on the 30 is refreshing for your social life, so intend to connect with others after this date, it will prove to be very helpful for you! 

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