Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

October 24 - November 22  |  THE Scorpion  |  MARS & Pluto

Scorpio, the Sun moves through Gemini until 21 June when it enter Cancer.  The main point here is that the Sun is traveling through an overall difficult place in the horoscope.  This is called the eighth house, a place that does not support the effulgent light of the Sun.  What the Sun does in the eighth house is strain to maintain its vitality, because its energy is pouring into dark areas that do not normally see light, and this is something mostly beyond your conscious control as an individual.  It makes you conscious of things you did not know about before.  This is the main theme running through June until the Sun enters Cancer, your ninth house, and lightens up somewhat.  Mercury is already here in June and rises before the Sun until late July.  In June Mercury signifies you are definitely looking ahead and thinking about which ways that could open up your life will also provide a sense of comfort, ease, and support.  The 14-19 present a series of planetary events surrounding the full Moon on the 17 which are by no means friendly or easy.  The Moon reaches her fullness in the middle of all this potentially expanding the problems Mercury and Mars are having with Saturn and Pluto.  Mercury and Mars will be in your ninth house opposing Saturn and Pluto in your third house.  These two houses deal with travel and fortunately for you aspect positively to the sign of Scorpio.  In this way, these planets are configured in a way which can be mediated by Scorpio, though it still remains that they are creating tension across these two areas of your life- travels near and far, and connections with others who are foreign or familiar.  This poses a challenge to overcome.  In your career you may be at the receiving end of tensions or challenges of others who are communicating or traveling over distances.  The full Moon places a strong emphasis on your finances here, and could even highlight your self-worth regarding the situation that is unfolding in this period of days. 

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