Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

October 24 - November 22  |  THE Scorpion  |  MARS

Scorpio, the Sun in Libra is moving through your twelfth house in October. Mars will accompany the Sun for most of the month but after the 8, Mercury and Venus will enter your sign, boosting your energy a little bit. Having the Sun in the twelfth house for most of October signifies that your energy levels might be lower than at other times. This is really a time of reflecting and probably spending some time alone. Every now and then, we need time to be alone and away from the world. People seek solitude for various reasons, and if you are compulsively seeking to be alone you might want to look at what is going on that is leading you to want so much isolation. The Sun in Libra will be about relationships for everyone, but for you this theme comes to your twelfth house, a blind-spot that can direct a person to behave in ways that end up hurting or causing suffering. Sometimes the way that a person bends to meet the needs or desires of others can lead to another hurting or suffering. Twelfth house matters are no fun, but everyone has them. For you, the hidden matter has to do with the values that are drawing you to other people. What are the values you hold about being in relationship with others? Where do you stand with your current relationships? These are questions that might end up bubbling up to the surface in your alone time or you might be forced to face them due to internal conflicts. A relationship might begin in October, and if it does, it should be treated slowly. There is a somewhat big emphasis on changing up the status quo within relationships. Think liberation, freedom, and destabilization. You are coming around to be on the upper hand of some matters regarding communication, friendship, and short trips. It might be that you are becoming more professional or serious around the way you communicate and present information or even yourself as a person. Matters that are a little deeper down from the surface of your awareness are coming up to be implemented and integrated in a way that is helpful for you. The trick is facing old ways of being, old patterns, which can pull you back. The most important thing that can help you in October is to take your time and to spend generous amounts of time alone.

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