Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

October 24 - November 22  |  THE Phoenix  |  MARS

Scorpio, this month the Sun moves through your sixth house while Mars moves through your eighth.  Looking at just these two planets it seems you are focused on work, health, daily life, and perhaps heating things up in the bedroom, perhaps as a way to alleviate mental stress you may have, which is more likely through your work and daily living this month.  There are responsibilities and obligations on your mind that you are trying to gain some level of mastery or completion over at work and it can drain your energy.  Where the energy may come from is interaction on shared resources or shared information that supports the work.  The stress and frustration or slow, strenuous climb to completion will be more prominent from the 11-14.  By the time the 15 comes you could see some stress alleviated and an ability to do or be recognized for something that boosts your morale.  The full Moon comes on the 19 in your twelfth house but very close to your sign, so there is an important doorway you are seeing here- an access into another view you may not have had before.  It can be a point of culminating hidden stresses that lead to all of a sudden taking action or having a breakdown.  It could also be a very calm and peaceful full Moon, but it can also bring about a need for peace and relaxation. 

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