Original chart design by Sam

Original chart design by Sam

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initial nativity consultation:

What is the story of your birth?
This is your introduction to our use of the profound tool of astrology to illuminate your life more.  This tool can bring rapid awareness to your purpose, allowing you to grow and become what you inherently are.  Often very reassuring and validating, the nativity (also known as birth chart or natal chart) is seen as the individual's starting point to reconnecting with the magic of nature. 
In this unique offering, Sam spends hours behind the scenes observing the planetary alignments for your birth time.  He takes his own notes and attempts to find the main "gist" of the chart itself as a whole.  The client may prefer a reading over the phone (about an hour) or as a 3-5,000 word document he writes himself based off his personal studies.  When selecting your consultation, arrangements will be made according to your preference- think about the best way YOU receive and digest information. 

*Included with this is your birth chart drawn with Sam's original art and design. When requesting this service, please specify questions and/or desired areas of focus if applicable.

monthly skywatch:
$60 per month

How can we effectively, consciously use this incredible tool for understanding the continual motion of our lives?
This is a highly specialized month-to-month program.  In your monthly Skywatch you can either choose a session over the phone (about 45 minutes) or request a written report by Sam himself (no computers used for ANY interpretation!).  The Skywatch is a forecast tailored to your specific birth chart.  This is MUCH more than a generic horoscope!  This is an insightful practice of consciously merging with the rhythm of the cosmos which can bring an amazing potential of deeper, more meaningful life experiences.  An initial consultation is required before signing up for the Monthly Skywatch program.

nativity consultation + one month skywatch package:
$140 (normally $160)

In this special package, you will receive two sessions or reports: one for your nativity (birth chart) and one for an account of the next 30 days as it relates to your specific birth chart.  Also included is your birth chart drawn and mailed to you.  When requesting this service, please specify if you would like your sessions over the phone or as a document written by Sam.

Payment secures your session, please see "store" to complete payment process.