Hand-drafted astrological chart by Sam

Hand-drafted astrological chart by Sam

sky services

initial nativity consultation:

What is the story of your birth?
This is your introduction to our use of the profound tool of astrology to illuminate your life more.  This tool can bring rapid awareness to your purpose, allowing you to grow and become what you inherently are.  Often very reassuring and validating, the nativity (also known as birth chart or natal chart) is seen as the individual's starting point to reconnecting with the magic of nature. 
In this unique offering, Sam spends hours behind the scenes chart-gazing for you.  He then compiles a written document detailing what he has gathered from this.  The document is then sent electronically via email or mailed as a hard-copy.  Included with this are your birth chart drawn with Sam's original art and design as well as a 30-minute follow-up phone call (optional) after you have looked over the document. 
When requesting this service, please specify questions and/or desired areas of focus if applicable.

monthly skywatch:
$80 per month
*discounts for 3-, 6-, and 12-month packages

How can we effectively, consciously use this incredible tool for personal development?
This is a highly specialized two-part month-to-month program.  In your monthly Skywatch you will receive by e-mail a hand-written in-depth 30-day forecast tailored to your specific birth chart.  This is MUCH more than a generic horoscope!  This is an insightful practice of consciously merging with the rhythm of the cosmos which can bring an amazing potential of deeper, more meaningful life experiences.  Part two is an optional 30-minute follow-up phone call at the end of every monthly forecast to review and ask questions as a means for connecting deeper and evolving towards your future.  Pay for one month or for multiple months in advance, no commitment. An initial consultation is required before signing up for the Monthly Skywatch program. A physical copy of your forecast can be mailed upon your request.

nativity consultation + one month skywatch package:
$160 (normally $180)

In this special package, you will receive 2 hand-written documents: one for your nativity (birth chart) and one for an account of the next 30 days as it relates to your specific birth chart.  Also included is your birth chart drawn and mailed to you and 2 30-minute follow-up phone calls- one for the nativity and one after the forecast period has ended.  These phone calls are optional, and encouraged.  Both documents are sent at the same time.  When requesting this service, please specify if you would like the documents e-mailed, mailed as a hard-copy, or both. 

Payment secures your session, please see "store" to complete payment process.


sound therapy REQUeSTS

Sam playing quartz bowls

Sam playing quartz bowls


Group Sessions

I offer private sound sessions for groups in the comfort of your own home, studio, office space, or company location.  I'd love to chat with you about this event, so please use the request form below and provide details about the who, what, and where of this event, so that we can work to plan it together.

Please use the Sonic Session Request form, or email your request to info@brothermoonhealing.com.



Getting Ready for Your Sonic Healing Session

Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing because you will be lying down for the duration of your session.  If you have any physical limitations that prevent you from laying down, indicate this in your session request form.  In addition to loose fitting clothing, for maximum comfort and relaxation, I often encourage participants have pillows, mats, blankets, or throws handy during the session.