There is a vibration that resonates in the Universe that connects all living things


What is a Sound Session?

A sonic bath (or sound session) provides a way of reconnecting with this universal vibration.  During a 30-, 60-, or 90-minute session, Sam "plays" nine quartz crystal bowls, each tuned to a different note intended to resonate with specific energy centers (or chakras) to open and balance you on multiple levels. 


How Will You Benefit?

The resonant frequencies of the crystal bowls help participants relax and reach a more calm, meditative state. Some of the benefits you may experience after a include the following:

Quartz Crystal Bowl

Quartz Crystal Bowl

  • Total relaxation
  • Calm quiet mind
  • Peace and well-being
  • Increased energy and spirit


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What to Bring Your Sound Session?


Besides arriving with an open mind and good intentions, we recommend you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes that are not tight or binding.  We also recommend you bring the following:

  • yoga or similar exercise mat
  • light blanket
  • pillow (optional)
  • water
  • friends (!)


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Your Sonic Guide

Sam Ogden is an astrologer currently based in southern New Hampshire. He finds working with the bowls to be a potent and effective way of raising self-awareness and increasing love. As a sensitive person, Sam uses sound therapy to ground himself and to remind himself of his vibrational essence, which helps him connect more authentically with the external world.



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