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june 2019


June 2019 has several standout features and notes relative to the overall context of 2019.  The first piece to mention is the relationship of June to the eclipses of this year, which we first had in January and will have again in July.  The eclipses from January were like a soldier with weak knees.  They predisposed us to let go of important things and for misfortune to coincide with endings.  The nature of those eclipses was much like the winter season where it leaves things barren and wanting with no choice apart from hardening and moving forward by basic necessity.  The eclipses in July will draw out the heat and vigor of the Summer season and pulse life through significant beginnings and endings.  We need to heed this call in June, and it means tuning in very closely to the subtle energies we can observe in our lives of the momentum of what has transpired since January.  There is likely an overall trajectory one can map in one’s own life even if it has entailed reversals and shifts- even these are part of an apparent trajectory that becomes more active and changeable in June.  But we should also remember that in June we stand in a threshold of eclipse-like proportions. 

Mercury becomes an important figure this month because he rules Gemini, the sign in which the Sun will transit until it enters Cancer on the solstice, 21 June.  Mercury will present as evening star, at the end of the month enter Leo, and in early July station for his retrograde.  In a way, Mercury stands in a threshold himself as his speed continuously decreases and his brightness increases as an evening star.  In Cancer, Mercury as evening star may be more sensitive to foresight with a tendency towards taking time to reflect and assess in a way that is more mature and cautious.  This type of thinking will be very useful at the first quarter Moon on 10 June, when the Moon and Sun configure very closely with Neptune, while Mercury and the Sun have their own special relationship taking place.  Here is a moment where fantasy and reality collide, where magical intentions should be released.  But there is a potentially big problem regarding perspective here.  Moments can consume one’s attention and actually dissolve one’s grasp on the present.  Lines, colors, and shapes become blurred here and while ambiguous also carry a disarming quality that is sharp in contrast to what reality could be, if only we could grasp it.  The need for definition and clarity becomes a necessity, and Mercury shows that we should caution ourselves and give space and room for different perspectives that can really throw us out of whack, especially in terms of identity for some.  Wires may cross and words may be misheard, not heard at all, or interpreted different to what was intended.  Whatever begins at this time should be treated more scientifically, in that it should be put through a tried and true method of inquiry.  We are more susceptible to distortions and alterations, and while intuitions and feelings may be confusing, they should not be ignored nor should they be held onto as the only torch that will lead one’s perspective.  It may be that we start to see flaws that expose where things are chaotic, without order, homogenous, even bleak and cynical. 

This leads us to the next key piece of June which involves Mercury and Mars gathering by the north node opposing Saturn and Pluto who are both retrograde and near the south node of the Moon.  These alignments are very challenging to communication and action, and take prominence from the 14 to the 19, which act like a contextual sandwich around the Sagittarius full Moon on 17 June.  The Moon becomes increasingly problematic when moving through Scorpio the 13-15.  Those days fall on a weekend and we may find our social interactions more intense or brooding, and any resentments from the past will certainly become challenged and pressured in the days leading up to the 17, which could result in a cosmic pop-off as both luminaries are very close to the solstice points in the zodiac- 0˚ Cancer and 0˚ Capricorn.  These points refer to the moments of the greatest polarization of light and dark on Earth, where light and life reach their maximum intensities.  This full Moon adds to the strong charge already present by way of Mercury-Mars and Saturn-Pluto.  Perhaps the most reliable factor in the interpretation of this complex astrological configuration comes out of the signs in which these planets are battling one another.  Conflict comes out of things which have established us as individuals with identities and powers which establish social and cultural roles for individuals to fill in public life. 

For most of June Venus will be providing a breath of fresh air being that she is a morning star, airy, and in a masculine sign.  Venus’ position in the sky is certainly fleeting and light-hearted, which is in an uncomfortable contrast to the brooding austerity of Mercury-Mars and Saturn-Pluto.  While Venus shows that we can bypass the messy swamp of the other planets by small talk and constantly changing environments, she too will be tested by Jupiter and Neptune but in the last ten days of the month.  This impacts the heart and the mind, which will probably go through a jarring re-orientation or a serious cosmic upgrade or even a revelation.  There is a seriously strong opening with Venus in the last ten days of the month, and her ruler Mercury keeps reminding us to stay grounded and ensure that present imaginings and future promises match with reality.  The potential issue is pre-mature investment and belief into something that could be precarious if without follow-through.  The best thing to do in June is connect with others as much as possible for the sheer joy of that connection, and to do this while watching expectations or assumptions of permanence of promises that might be overly inspired and grinning ear to ear. 




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