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october 2019

General Overview

October presents us with some curious planetary dancing. We can first have a look at the Sun and the lunar phases to get a sense of the kind of qualities we might expect in the month. The Sun will be in Libra, its fall, until it enters Scorpio on 23 October. The Sun in its fall sees a diminishing of its esteem and honors. The heat and brightness of the Sun’s integrity from its life-giving light now turns over its power to the night, ruled by the Moon, a planet indicating the public. The Sun in Libra must cease maintaining a personal agenda. It agrees to strain itself in order to find strength in looking upon others, in assessing individual pieces, and finding a harmonious relationship among them. The Sun turns us towards relationship and union with others in October.

The first quarter Moon in Capricorn comes on 5 October just before an exact square from the Sun to Saturn. This alignment is active at the quarter Moon. We should be careful to note the Moon being in exile at the same degree of her own south node here while the Sun is in its fall, and Saturn at home in Capricorn. Saturn’s challenges and limitations should be weak and thus helpful near this lunar phase, as he must follow the rules set by Venus. Venus may anticipate a challenge, but when it’s time to face the music she will probably notice that the harmony she desires is easier to establish than expected, as roadblocks, authoritative figures, and apparent limitations will bend to her appeals. The Sun comes through shortly after the first quarter Moon and can brighten the good qualities of this moment. The Moon is erratic and struggles, however, and shows us that there is probably discomfort of at least one party, and this could bring on some delays in agreements, slowing down the pace of good feelings and intentions.

Two important days come on the 8 and 9 of October where we will first see an intensification in relationships, in the supports of social harmony and coming together, and in the overall effectiveness in working together. The tone shifts dramatically, however, when Venus enters Scorpio the following day and loses all the ability she just had to bring harmony, and finds herself powerless and unable to see her lover, Mars. This could be an important point to consider for the remainder of October- a push-pull situation in relationships. One day its good, the next day the energies shift. Venus and Mars are having a hard time in October, and this could be interpreted as a general lethargy in our relationships where it is also less likely to see one another eye-to-eye. There is simply not a whole lot of energy to go around in making things bright, glittery, and all things good. Things are not necessarily terrible, but there is a lack of natural joy, and this is where it becomes very easy to start being inauthentic in one’s own behaviors. It might also be noted here that what appears to be the case on the surface in self-expression may not actually be the case underneath, but this has yet to be revealed. This is not the time to be looking for a long-term relationship.

The full Moon in Aries comes on October 13 and again can bring passive aggressive tendencies that lead to an upset, an outburst, some discord. Feelings may just be so sensitive at this time that it would be better to scream into a pillow than at a friend, lover, or neighbor. The lunations in October come to us through the cardinal signs, which can indicate changes in the tides and reversals.

The new Moon in Scorpio occurs just after midnight on the 28 (Eastern Time) the day after a weird and possibly accident-prone square between Mars and Saturn. Awareness is lowered especially leading up to the 27, so exercise caution when walking around in your general day to day, driving, or in any way transporting about your environments. This would be a good time to chill out.

It should also be noted that Mercury stations retrograde on Halloween, October 31. The 7-10 days leading up to Mercury’s retrograde seem to be the time when the impulse is there to dive head first into some imagined direction of intentions. This is not the time, folks. November’s Mercury retrograde in Scorpio happens while his supplier, Mars, is mostly not accessible to him while Mars himself is limited in what he can do and thus passively pissed off, entirely unaware Mercury needs him. Mercury is about to enter psychologically deep territory and needs Mars’ help in the dark and emotional landscape, but Mars is not able to help until the latter half of November. It is important to take note of what kinds of situations are developing in relationships in October. It might also be helpful to contemplate on the authenticity of relationships.

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