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april 2019

Courage and Fearlessness


April opens with Mercury’s retrograde having just finished in Pisces.  Mercury will remain in Pisces until 17 April and its alignments suggest that it is still clearing up things from March.  As April opens Mercury conjoins Neptune as it did in the latter half of February.  The things we thought we could initiate or change or revisit from later February and throughout March can be transformed or seen for what they actually are by 8 April.  By this time, we will have had the new Moon in Aries (5 April) which will truly be the beginning of the new year.  These are significant events that usher in a fresh new sense of reality whose sobering qualities are actually supportive and helpful for moving forward. 

An interesting shift happens after this when on 10 April Jupiter stations retrograde while the Sun squares Saturn, Venus is conjunct Neptune, and Mercury sextiles Pluto.  Two days later, there is a very strong first quarter Moon in Cancer on the north node with Mercury squaring Jupiter.  This is a lot of planetary events happening over the course of three days.  We should not fret too much about the shifts that take place or the potential changes in view that arise spontaneously.  This might start off somber with some confusion on the 10.  Two days later the Cancer Moon forms an exact conjunction to the north node and an exact square to the exalted Sun in Aries.  This calls on the eclipse energies and while it is dialed down from a full-on eclipse, it is still potent.  Feelings, passions, and the need to confront or exert oneself is much more prominent here, but there is some mental conflict about it.  We might start thinking about things in terms of right and wrong or how to fix something, which can be a problematic way to think about what is going on these days.  The drama and pressure to harness personal power can get more intense on the 13 when the Sun squares Pluto, but all is not lost yet, despite what it seems.  A fortunate alignment from the Sun to Jupiter comes as relief on the 13.  And though it does not help as much as we would like due to Jupiter being retrograde, this alignment does offer some aid that can give a needed boost after the commotion of the previous week.  The Sun’s contact to Jupiter might be just enough to keep us from going over the edge, and can help us pull back from extremes.  It offers some tempering of emotions that run high, fantasy that can lead to paranoia, and loneliness.   

Mercury enters Aries on the 17- two days before a highly charged full Moon in Libra.  Following this the Sun and Venus both change signs within twelve hours of one another, and move from their exaltation positions to being in mutual reception, although probably less able to help each other due to being in adjacent signs.  Here is another series of important shifts taking place, and a culmination seems to be suggested by the cazimi with Uranus while the Moon opposes Mars and applies to a conjunction with Jupiter.  This might be the light at the end of the tunnel if not too disruptive to what we tried to initiate in April.  When the Sun makes the conjunction to Uranus, we should expect that whatever we have tried to push and force in April will be met with something that cannot be controlled or minimized.  This is the first solar conjunction with Uranus in Taurus and in its own way heralds a new quality of time we are all adjusting to on the planet. 
The month ends with a waning quarter Moon in Aquarius, a fixed air sign.  This puts the focus on principles and makes social context more important relative to the results we are noticing from what the recent events are setting into motion, and this setting into motion does become clearer at this waning Moon.  Saturn stations retrograde on the 30 which can diminish the malefic powers of the planet, but also the constructive ones that sometimes necessitate limitation.  Mars approaches an opposition to retrograde Jupiter- a building sense that a big decision might need to be made, and is egged on by an inspired and relentless Mercury in Aries.  This can boost morale help lift and inspire us to take risks we might not otherwise take. 

Overall, this month is critical due to us being halfway between the eclipses from January and the ones we will have in July.  Even though we are not in eclipses and the energy is not as magnificent or groundbreaking, there are still very important changes and shifts taking place here relative to that nodal axis which is Cancer (north) and Capricorn (south).  The general focus here is on family and establishing oneself personally- to nourish oneself for who one is, and to recognize how rigidity and cynicism can hold us back from authentic responses to life that give us truly enriching relationships.  This month is a call to action on that, and to confront deeper residual problems (Capricorn south node, Pluto, and Saturn) and to have courage: to act in the face of fear.  So much could be said on the connection between Capricorn, Pluto, and Saturn with social conditioning from things like patriarchy, consumerism, and capitalism and the impact that has had on the human spirit and the health and well-being of our communities.  These are the things we are personally coming up against more squarely in April.  Getting through April will be an act of strength and fearlessness.  This is the month to show your commitment to action being something that can transform your way of being and quality of life. 




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