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August 2019


In August we see an elemental shift from the predominance of earth and water in July to an increase in fire with the Sun in its domicile, Leo, accompanied by Mars, Venus, and Mercury until changes in the latter part of the month. Last month’s eclipses brought a lot of pressured activity to people’s lives, making the month seem pregnant and full, and for many it definitely was. August will also be full, but in a different way. Because the eclipses have passed and Mercury has completed its latest retrograde cycle, there is not as much that is being stressed or made tense in August as there was in July. The elemental shift from mostly earth and water to much more fire will lighten the load and quicken the pace of life. Change in August is welcomed so much more than the change July brought.

One of the main features in August is the conjunction between Venus and the Sun. These planets’ themes are active throughout not only this month but the next ten months until Venus’ retrograde in Gemini in the Spring of 2020. The last Venus-Sun conjunction we had was in November of 2018 when Venus was retrograde in Scorpio. So, you can see that this alignment between these two spheres comes once every 9-10 months. Compare that to the monthly conjunction of the Moon and the Sun, or the conjunction of Mercury and the Sun about every two months.

The conjunction between Venus and the Sun in Leo this August happens while Venus is direct in motion. The most recent conjunction of a direct Venus with the Sun was back in early January 2018, more than 18 months ago. The significance with this is that the direct conjunction with the Sun symbolically transforms Venus from one kind of phase to another. Venus begins to slow down (figuratively speaking) and prefers more time to consider her affairs. She can spiral back and into deeper places of the human experience, where she might have more interest than in fleeting romances or social occasions. These are interpretations of her evening star phase which begins this month and which will last until Spring of next year. In Spring 2020 the eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius will add disruption to an already weakened retrograde Venus, which could mean that this period preceding said retrograde can be that much more prominent and impactful in its Solar and Venusian significations.
The star ruling the sign housing the direct Venus-Sun conjunction is a consultant with special priorities in Venusian considerations throughout her evening star phase. And if we take it to be the case that this ruling star delivers its significations through contact with deeper layers of personal harmony and what it means to love and be loved, we can see August’s Venus-Sun conjunction as an initiatory transformation into a ten-month period of solar priorities in Venusian considerations. The starry influence of the solar disc to Venus animates with tremendous illumination authentic satisfaction and desire.

But the problem at this seminal transformation in August is that it will be under the blinding light of the Sun. In other words, it cannot be seen. However, something special happens on the 15 of August, the day after the Venus-Sun conjunction perfects: the full Moon in Aquarius. While Venus cannot see what transformation is happening, the Moon can, and sees it with the greatest distance possible. This full Moon in Aquarius may be a rather sullen and acquiescent one, or emotionally polar with some preferring detachment and logic if coping with feelings of loneliness or a fear of missing out. Something very significant to the next ten-month solar exploration with Venus begins at this full Moon- it begins with an as yet incomplete observation and recognition of what one has been pretending has been authentic values and ways of being. This Venus-Sun initiation begins a transformation of authenticity and self-expression.

We see the full Moon in Aquarius harkening back to the first quarter Moon in Scorpio on 7 August. Both lunations are in the house of a malefic while the Sun is configured to a benefic. So, we have one light in the house of a malefic and the other light configured to a benefic at both the first quarter Moon and the full Moon. On the one hand, there are some unfortunate things that can come up at these two lunations but it is not all bad! Having the Sun configured to benefics at these lunations also brings in some very positive tones. There may be ultimately good things that happen under the guise of resistance, opposition, or stubborn insistence. To look more broadly, we should see that there are conflicting energies coming together at the first quarter and full Moons, and sides will be taken. One side may look apparently bleak or less resourced while the other side looks more positive. These things are distant in a way, yet are brought together in view. Ultimately good things can happen under the guise of limits and endings. Don’t let your mind be fooled by what seems to be a bad situation! Remember at this full Moon that the heart may not yet know its stance on things, but it is in a much better position to be a temporary support center than the mind, because the mind can be fearful at this time. The fear can tempt one to put an end to something, but extreme actions around love and the heart should be tempered and put on hold to be revisited.

The latter ten days of the month see a significant cooling from the 18-23 as Mars, Venus, then the Sun leave Leo and enter Virgo. This earth emphasis cools the drama of July and August as Summer begins to fall away. The third quarter Moon in Gemini on the 23 might be a good time to practice letting go of ideas. Venus loses considerable strength in these last days of the month, and Mercury gains strength we haven’t seen since May. The new Moon in Virgo on the 30 officiates the beginning of the Virgo season. It might be helpful to watch how much opportunity comes in because September will bring a reality check.


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