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After writing the horoscope for each sign, the animal cards are shuffled and blindly picked.  This month, there were so many cards coming up multiple times with messages about expression, creativity, and making a stand.  These are main themes which run through the zodiac Leo.  In Leo a person must go forward as an individual expressing their identity out of the ancestral matrix that was the Cancer phase.  Leo is ruled by the Sun who stands as a radiating force providing the power TO BE.  In Leo, this force of being reveals itself through grand displays of emotion and drama for the Leo who is less inhibited.  But for the Leo who is more aware of the external, that lion can be timid and very uncertain around others. 

What may be the most important topics for the general overview of this month are the eclipses which take place in Leo and its opposite, Aquarius.  Eclipses are incredible alignments of space and time.  The Lunar force swallows the Solar force at Solar Eclipse. The Sun is a symbol for the king, and in ancient times many people feared Solar Eclipses because they expected an unfortunate fate for their ruler.  At any rate, having the Solar Eclipse in Leo amplifies the power such a symbol implies due to the Sun being the planetary ruler of Leo.  At Lunar Eclipse, the Earth passes between the Sun and Moon and becomes the focal point for a divine moment of realization. With Aquarius involved, social power is in direct contrast to personal will.

Many have been feeling a need for honesty and authenticity as well as effective routes for managing the mounting emotional arousal from situations, people, places, ideas, or objects. In Leo, one often observes the type of impact one’s expressions make.  This is a main theme which has been surfacing in many since July.  The nodal axis, a theoretical axis in space which tracks the eclipses, now reveals that humanity’s common direction for consciousness evolution is towards making a personal impact.  The specific impression one feels is needed is not primarily based on any collective trend or fad however.  If humanity is to now align with divine will, the choice for that impression each individual makes must come out of their own unique feelings.  This may feel most apparent at the Aquarius Full Moon on 7 August, when Earth eclipses the Solar force casting a shadow upon the Moon.  This Lunar Eclipse symbolizes a collective (Aquarius) response (Moon) which creates a stark outline for specific expressions individuals now feel are compulsory and requisite of their own natures (Leo).

The Solar Eclipse on 21 August has the Sun and Moon together in Leo.  This takes place at the end of the sign of Leo and aligns exactly with retrograde Uranus who is currently moving through the sign of Aries.  This Solar Eclipse shows that in the hearts of many is a wild mystery yet to be known.  Perhaps this Solar Eclipse will bring a catalytic response whereby individuals’ realize they are channels through which internal revolutionary forces operate and which may elicit an intuitive step forward along a sense of “something” that is more truly vibrant and real. 




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