Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 21 - May 21  |  THE BULL  |  venus

Taurus, the Sun moves through your second house until 21 June, when it enters Cancer, your third house.  A huge piece of context for you is that Uranus entered your sign in March of this year and will spend another eight years there.  This is likely to bring quite a bit of fundamental deepening of you who are, and getting there will require you to do things you never expected you would do or ways you could be.  Saturn moves through your ninth house which shows that if you travel it will be for very intentional and well-planned purposes, most likely for your public/professional role.  The Sun moving through your second house in June shows that you are going to feel as though you have some justification to explore and experiment a little bit.  There are new kinds of thoughts entering your mind regarding yourself as a whole and also real estate and money.  It is likely these are topics of conversation between you and others, likely colleagues and/or authority figures possibly ushering into the collective a new dream, a higher ideal, an expansion of social connection.  This will come straight back to a very real question relevant to living in any organized civilization: where does the money come from?   What are you doing to make money or to support the new experiments and explorations of your life?  This is a very personal process you are going through this month- it is more the focus than the effects of what you are trying to accomplish, not that they will fall or be forgotten, but they become at least equal to what you are feeling within yourself about all of this.  You are more aggressive in your contacts which can help you weave a supportive web, though it can also place somewhat of an important decision on you financially.  Make sure you know where your wallet is at all times this month!