Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 21 - May 21  |  THE BULL  |  venus

Taurus, there comes a point in any cycle where crisis must be met. No matter how accurate the prediction, a crisis will still require one’s attention even if preparations have been made.  Your imminent expansion into the world through a relationship or other objective or observatory experience, the ignition of something pure at heart, your years of work to establish security through a reliable social venture- the experience of these facets will heavily depend on the way you respond to personal growth.  Perhaps this month you are caught up with maintaining a balance of work with social time.  Or maybe you notice your daily life and work need attention on integration and harmony.  You are in one last leg of a journey whose focus has been directed from your personal center.  This began in the month of your most recent birthday and is now coming to a close, but there seems to be significance beyond the past 5 months, for you are truly in a transformative process at some level this month before a somewhat “grand initiation” with plenty of light shone on you in various public spheres.  This month is a symbolic ending and preparation for new horizons that will come into focus as you sense more concretely your orientation towards the end of this October.  For some of you, a conclusion has been reached that relates symbolically to a cycle that has been ongoing over the past 12 months.  By the 12 you should have obtained valuable seeds of insight through the mind which can also appear as a conclusion before the New Moon on the 19 asks for trust and recognition of independence and an inner spark between you and another.  How do you respond to crisis, Taurus? What is your attitude towards discomfort or imperfection? Make time for socializing and work.  

Your animal guides are:

  • Chameleon: Stay in the background and adapt to the situation rather than being conspicuous and attempting to direct the course of events
  • Panda:  Create a sacred space for yourself in your home and/or place of work
  • Mountain Goat:  There’s something out of balance in your life, so do whatever you need to do to correct it

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