Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 21 - May 21  |  THE BULL  |  venus

Taurus, there is an odd change of pace happening from July to this month. July shook things up for you regarding education, friendship, travel, and possibly siblings. There were great beginnings and great endings that took place in these areas, and it might have been quite tactile or particularly sensate. While the energy in August does not have the symbolic intensity that July had with the eclipses in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn, it does bring quite a lot of heat with a push for things to rise, ascend, and awaken. There is a deeply personal process underway in August that likely will be related to some kind of distinction around career path, reputation, and personal authority. What is your say in the matter? What is it you can be responsible for on your end of your professional and career circumstances? You are in a period of being much more open to ways of being that are authentic to you specifically, and this is ongoing for the next eight or so years. Some of that comes through at the tail end of July and beginning of August, but you may have to search and reflect some of your consciousness inward in your alone time in order to really see it. It can, however, also come as strong sensations or reactions that might be self-feedback about what you really value and stand for in principle about some things that may have up to this point been undefined or not as distinct as they are showing up to be throughout this month. The first quarter Moon in Scorpio has connections to the full Moon on the 15. The first quarter Moon brings an aggressive need to take action about eliminating something, cleaning something up, or turning inward to see where some healing light may need to be placed. There is exceptional benefit to psychological “work” being done at the first quarter Moon, or at least taking to a counselor the things that arise around this time. The context around the full Moon is Venusian, Saturnian, and Mercurial. This full Moon comes to Aquarius and your tenth house. It signifies a completion or turning point in your career while accompanied by a maturation process that is underway within your heart of hearts. This process may go by unnoticed right now or it may only just have begun to show itself, but its process of integrating into the body and way of being is something that will occur more apparently over the following weeks. Following the full Moon is a dramatic cooling down from the 18-23. This cooling down might translate as thinking more on-the-ground or deliberately about how to craft communication or arrangements going forward as the previous few weeks still echo in the mind. It takes some of heat out of the body and brings a concreteness to feelings. However, the topics and orientation of thinking might not have changed much. Still you are fairly reflective and perhaps even concerned with yourself in ways you have not paid much attention to for some time, or more deeply now on things that have been showing up in months past. The third quarter Moon in Gemini disseminates thoughts and messages in conversation and in the colliding of characters moving through space and time, with an emphasis on personal finances/resources. Be more fluid now and open to changing up your routine, to opening up conversation with a stranger. The month concludes with a new Moon in Virgo- you get a sense it is time to move forward. Organize your energies and begin to direct yourself with intention.