Taurus Monthly Horoscope

April 21 - May 21  |  THE BULL  |  venus

The Sun travels through your twelfth house in April which means you should take some time to Netflix and chill, your favorite thing with food.  But, do not let that be your response to everything this month.  While you are in a sense unwinding and unraveling anything left in the last month before your birthday, you will be compelled to take some important action.  It probably will not be easy and the demand of it (or your demand of it) may make you want to dig your hooves in the ground even more than you typically do.  Because the first two weeks of April are going to be demanding of you, make sure you are taking adequate time to withdraw and do something that helps you positively cope with the stress and possible frustration.  Your social life looks great in terms of friendships.  There are probably some changes that are trying to come through in this way, in ways that will ultimately benefit who you are.  So, pay your attention to the needs of friendships and other amiable social-professional contacts and you might see some interesting shifts take place.  It’s likely you could see this more clearly or perhaps even needing to address an issue or take action around the 12.  If you find yourself confused in April about what is coming next, reach out to loving and supportive friends before the 12.  Keep in contact with them through this date, as minds may be able to arrive at something positive through brainstorming or simply sharing for the sake of sharing.  This month is a little bit about following the bread crumbs.  In your social contacts you are seeking support and stability for ideas.  This is building towards an important step into an unfamiliar place in May.