Virgo Monthly Horoscope

August 22 - September 23  |  THE virgin  |  mercury

Virgo, you are reaching the height of your year in June as the Sun and Mercury move through Gemini  Venus will join them on the 8, so you will have three planets transiting your tenth whole sign house.  There is a new Moon in this house on the 3, a first quarter Moon in your first house on the 10, and a full Moon in your fourth house on the 17.  These houses represent pivotal areas of your life and when lunations come here these areas become highlighted.  This means that your life will seem more charged, more “on”, and will seem to grab you with more stuff that comes up in your face.  This is not necessarily bad, in fact having Venus move through your tenth house should place favor upon you out in the world.  The main focus for you this month is on your career and life path.  Whatever work you are doing now will become important.  The new Moon here brings a new energy to the role you have in your community right now.  You have probably sensed this since the end of May, when Mercury and the Sun formed a cazimi, a very close conjunction, as they entered Gemini.  Mercury changes signs on 4 June, and spends most of the month in Cancer.  Mercury is your planetary ruler and thus his movements are important to watch for you.  As he changes signs he leaves the tenth house of career and goals and enters the eleventh house where Mars and the north node currently transit.  Mercury brings attention to the future and to connection, to benefits from having support, possibly from a family of some kind.  Mars and Mercury will make their oppositions to Saturn and Pluto across your eleventh-fifth house axis, putting emphasis on who you are and what you do, along with the balance of finding support for all of this as career maintains its theme of importance.  You will see how the full Moon in Sagittarius brings up matters of home and family, and perhaps illuminates things and possibilities that were once outside of your awareness. 


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