Virgo Monthly Horoscope

August 22 - September 23  |  THE virgin  |  mercury

Virgo, we enter Leo season at the end of July which really comes into full swing with the Leo new Moon on the 31. August then opens with Mercury, your ruling planet, showing its first signs of direct motion in the sign of Cancer since it began its retrograde early July. Mercury stationing direct the same time of the new Moon is significant and is part of the main context of the month which includes the Venus-Sun conjunction the day before the full Moon in Aquarius on the 15 of August. The conjunction between Venus and the Sun is relevant for the entire month though becomes quite clear at the time of the full Moon. It is important to first acknowledge that the Leo energy you will be experiencing this month comes just before the vital renewal of your energy as the Sun enters the sign of your ascendant. Generally, the month leading up to that period is a time when one’s life force depletes. Having Virgo rising, maintaining a clean and efficient use of your energies is something to watch. What can happen for you in August can open up things you may have ignored or never anticipated. This can be a deeper shift in the heart, and though it may be something you imagine should be expressed overtly or dramatically, it may not end up being that way for you. In fact, you could be keeping things under wraps and be tight-lipped about something on your heart that is rather sensitive or important. Perhaps this is not yet the time to share so openly, maybe you yourself are unsure and don’t want to commit to something you feel is ambiguous or seemingly not that important. The mistake would be to neglect warmth and to close down your heart. Even if it must be done in the privacy of solitude, opening up the heart would be a wonderful thing to do this month. But this does come with a disclaimer: you are opening up to something more than just the experience of being open. You are opening up things you can actually face now, things you had not been able to do before. Sometimes those unresolved things bring fear and apprehension, or tightness and reserve, but that is simply the way it has always been. Try to be open to things being different this time around, Virgo. This heart opening does not necessarily have to do with love, but probably regards the people with whom you associate. This actually may bring up a tension that you feel in your living environment or with a friend, or a sibling, or someone you connect with through education. Regardless, there could be some serious teaching that happens in August that plainly must happen. What kind of new life exists beyond the unspoken currents of dissatisfaction that could be faced and transformed? The full Moon on the 15 of the month comes to your sixth house, the place of health, work, and pets. There is an ending that happens here that rings back to the first quarter Moon that took place on 7 August. Things culminate in a way that makes it a little tough to access great amounts of patience and compassion. Something has to give, and there could be a final straw on the camel’s back at this time, so to speak. The month cools down significantly in the last week, when we see a process of shifting into a slower, more logical pace of things, leaving behind the drama and heat of the first three weeks of this month. More unraveling through your career takes place here, and there is still more to be said. The month leaves you feeling a little more energized, and with more resources to communicate necessary information than you had at the start of August.


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