Virgo Monthly Horoscope

August 22 - September 23  |  THE virgin  |  mercury

In April the Sun moves through Aries, a sign that does not “see” your sign.  There is not as much of an outlet for these energies as there will be for you when the Sun enters Taurus at the end of April.  What complicates matters is that March brought a retrograde of your ruling planet, Mercury, and in April Mars is moving through Gemini, a Mercury-ruled sign.  Gemini is an important sign for you as it rules over your career, rank in society, public life, and sometimes family matters.  Mars can bring unwanted situations to these areas but can also give some energy and drive to get out into the world, or to bring to the surface some things that might be hidden or in your blind spot.  That will certainly be the case this month with the Sun moving through your eighth house.  There is something you want to get to the bottom of, and it might have to do with an important relationship or with shared resources or even real estate.  This was likely ongoing since February and March.  A conversation, or series of conversations, will need to take place and probably you will keep revisiting things, because at least in April you feel there is more “stuff” to go through, more to bring into the light of awareness.  What is it you’re looking for, Virgo?  This impact could extend to your authenticity, openness, and ability to offer fair chances for testimony and explanation. 


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