Virgo Monthly Horoscope

August 22 - September 23  |  THE virgin  |  mercury

Virgo, last month was your birthday, a new beginning for the next year of growth.  What was that time like for you?  Reflect on what you could sense as a new start, and the quality of your relationship to those events.  Often times a new beginning is fascinating and demands attention.  This is not to necessarily say it comes with a parade of events, but this is not outside the realm of possibility either.  What is meant by “demanding attention” is that it turns the immediate consciousness toward a subjective state of being.  It does not leave much room for reflecting on one’s self or external characters or situations.  Activity swirls around the somewhat aloof individual much like a snowman in a snow globe.  October inserts a sliver of self-awareness which translates to the needed substantiation after the new beginning.  In some way you must organize and make stable the potentialities that arrived last month.  The days after the Full Moon could present important information.  A new phase of activity begins now where you have hopefully realized something related to value and legitimacy, and also can start getting excited about future prospects.  You will need to continue turning the wheel this month, Virgo.  You have not reached around the bend quite yet, and will need to keep moving.  You have been working hard over the past two years regarding home life and your inner world.  Life calls you to put in some effort here yet again. Your thoughts are subjectively oriented and concerned with real estate and its related resources.  By the end of the month you will see things beginning to pick up speed and intensity as your social connections take on more focus.  A very positive day is the 27 which should be used for beneficial action in your daily work life.

This month you animal guides are:

  • Octopus: Practice shapeshifting by altering your physical appearance and mannerisms
  • Falcon:  Act on the opportunity that is before you and commit to it without equivocation
  • Chameleon:  Stay in the background and adapt to the situation rather than being conspicuous and attempting to direct the course of events


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