Virgo Monthly Horoscope

August 22 - September 23  |  THE virgin  |  mercury

Virgo, the Sun has recently left your first house of health which probably also coincided with a sense of new beginnings. Now as the Sun has come into Libra, the focus has shifted to finances. The question now in October is around how you make money, what you do with it, and what it means for you. These kinds of questions are often tied to work, because that is the most obvious source for money. But it is almost as if there is something more fundamental you are looking at. It is not really the work, even though you might be considering this, too. There is more of an emphasis on money itself. Perhaps you will be strategizing more around how to increase your cash flow. Your planetary ruler who is guiding this is Mercury, who in October will be heading towards an important shift- his retrograde station on Halloween. Mercury’s retrograde in November will occur in Scorpio, your third house, bringing up a review around communication and those close to you. It is possible you might want to revisit someone or a situation with a person from the past. What happens in October is that you are leading up to some kind of change or shift around your environment. You are not meant to notice it so much until the end of October starts arriving. There is something destabilizing occurring around your environment end of October and it might lead you to think more deeply or psychologically about the situation. Until then, you are focused primarily on money. You could have the chance this month to secure finances or make things steadier even though the way you do it might not be in your heart’s greatest interest. Keep in mind that planets entering Scorpio throughout October will have you look at life more carefully, and perhaps really appreciate what you do have around you.


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